Matale Grounds
Dantooine - Matale Grounds

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1 - Exit

Exit to Courtyard (#7).

2 - Exit

Exit to Courtyard (#8).

3 - Mandalorian Raider Encounter

This is the first of two groups you're required to defeat if you've spoken with Jon in the Courtyard (#3). This is the easy bunch. Either focus all of your party's energy on the Mandalorian first, or kill the others quickly and then kill the Mand, since he's the toughest. When you're through, search his remains for decent items including a Blaster Carbine.

4 - Matale Estate

You won't be able to go inside, but Ahlan Matale will come out to speak with you for the right reason. You can only coax him out of his hole after you've received the Matale-Sandral Feud quest after the three Jedi trials: see Jedi Enclave (#6: Matale-Sandral Feud).

Speak to Matale's Droid outside, and when Matale comes out, ask about the feud. He'll offer a reward for his son's safe return of 1000 credits at some point. If you demand 2000 credits you'll receive (DS Points). Either way, you'll come out with 150 more xp.

5 - "Dead Settler" Quest

The body of the "dead settler" only shows up after you've received the Matale-Sandral Feud quest: see Jedi Enclave (#6: Matale-Sandral Feud).

When you've received the quest but before you visit the Sandral Grounds, if you search this area in your investigation, the body of a "dead settler" is here. On the remains are some decent items and "Casus' Diary". Among them include: a Cardio Package, Echani Light Armor, Echani Shield and a Verpine Headband.

Take the journal to the Sandral Grounds (#3) and speak with the Sandral Droid. You'll be given entrance into the estate. Speak with pa Sandral for some (LS Points) and (DS Points) opportunities. For dark side points, the answer is obvious. For the light side, speak politely to Sandral, give the diary to him, and refuse the reward.

6 - Exit

Exit to Grove (#1).

7 - Exit

Exit to Grove (#2).

8 - Zuulan Sentar, Genoharadan Bounty

Zuulan's land speeder will only be here if you've received the first part of the Genoharadan Bounty Quests from Hulas in East Central, Manaan. See East Central (#13) under the Zuulan Sentar section for complete details on the quest. After he's dead, you can return to Hulas for a reward.