Upper City North
Taris - Upper City North

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1 - Exit

Exit to Upper City South (#8).

2 - Exit

Exit to North Apartments (#1). You'll want to venture in here eventually, as the required Sith Armor to enter the Lower City is inside.

3 - Three Drunks Encounter

Your first time in Upper City North, these drunks interrupt you (and it's one of the first times you get to see the most common face in the game). If you persuade them to leave peacefully, you'll get 60xp and (LS Points). If you end up killing them, it should come as no surprise that you'll get (DS Points).

4 - Droids by Janice

The only droid shop in town. Talk to the Twi'lek Janice for some information about Taris and to pick up one of her beaten up droids for 50 credits. If you do, exit the building and it will malfunction. Go and see her again for your 50 credits back (persuade for more) and an easy 110xp. There's also an opportunity for (DS Points) as well during the conversation.

The second time you'll require Janice's services is after you speak to Canderous Ordo in the Lower City Cantina (#9), quite a ways further from the first time. He'll refer you to Janice, and all you'll need do is mention he sent you and you'll get the shiny new T3-M4 droid, a new party member! When you've got T3-M4, head on up to the Sith Base (#7) and use the droid on the door to enter the base.

5 - Street "Preacher"

Just some xenocist bum burning off his anger at aliens on Taris.

6 - Exit

Exit to Lower City (#1). There's a Sith Guard guarding the elevator. He won't let you pass until you bring him security papers or wear a disguise. To get past him the first time you'll need to get the Sith Armor. When you have it, you'll get 350xp for talking to the Sith and another 50xp when you enter the elevator. There are two ways to get the armor. If you're male, you might have been invited by Sarna of the Upper City Cantina (#5) to the Sith Party in the North Apartments (#3). The other way is also in the North Apartments, after witnessing a Sith interrogation. Either way, looks like you'll be heading to the North Apartments if you need the disguise.

Later in Taris, you'll simply show the Guard your security papers to pass.

7 - Ithorian Encounter

After finding Mission (a party member), if you come back here, a poor Ithorian is being attacked here by children. Save him from the mean children and earn 60xp. Offer a medpac to heal his wounds for (LS Points).

8 - Exit

Exit to Sith Base (#1). You can only enter the Sith Base when you get T3-M4, after winning the Swoop Race, freeing Bastila and meeting up with Canderous Ordo in Lower City. When you've done all this, simply use T3-M4 on the door to the base, and he'll do his droid thing and the doors will open. Your object here will be to "acquire" the Taris launch codes.