Ahto East
Manaan - Ahto East

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1 - Exit

Exit to East Central (#2).

2 - Sith Encounter

Your first time here, you'll encounter some thug Sith who will demand 20 credits. You can pay them of course, or simply say that this is a Republic street. They'll leave. You can also attempt to provoke them into an argument, and then force persuade the Selkath which then appears that the Sith are at fault, for (DS Points).

3 - Yortal Ixlis, Droid Merchant

Yortal deals in droid parts. If you've acquitted Sunry during his murder trial - see Ahto West (#2) for details - you'll receive discounted prices here.

4 - Exit

Exit to Sith Base (#1). You'll only be able to enter through this door after you've spoken with Roland Wann at the Republic Embassy in East Central (#5) and either decrypted a passcard or interrogated a sith prisoner for the access code. Your main goal inside is to retrieve the data module from a broken droid within for Roland.

5 - Queedle, Swoop Racer Quest

A disappointed ithorian, Queedle needs to upgrade his swoop bike to compete. If you give him 500 credits you'll get (LS Points) and 100xp. Do this before you begin the swoop races and after you've won the swoop competition here on Manaan, if you talk to him again he'll give you back your 500. If you refuse the money, another serving of (LS Points) are headed your way, but you'll still get his credits.

6 - Swoop Records Panel

Access this terminal to find out various swoop track records, including your own.

7 - T'sllth & Sslamoth, Swoop Organizers

Speak with T'sllth to have a practice run around the swoop track for a mere 20 credits. For racing an official round, you'll want to talk with Sslamoth, who will charge you 100 credits per round. The rewards for swoop racing are pretty substantial financial-wise. You'll get 500 credits for winning the first round, 2000 credits for the second round, and 5000 credits for winning the third and final round, along with a small amount of xp for each.

8 - Vek, Genoharadan Assistant

Though Vek will be here until you call on him during the Genoharadan Bounty Quests, he won't say much until you speak with Hulas in East Central (#13) about the second set of bounty quests. Vek is the assistant of Ithorak, who's got a Genoharadan bounty on his head. See the Ithorak Guldar section under the link above for complete details on the quest. You'll tell Vek to set you up in a meeting with Ithorak, and that you represent an anonymous buyer, and away he'll go to the Docking Bay (#8) to wait for you.