Walkthrough FAQ
I have some advice, new quest information or a correction to submit. Would it be inappropriate for me to do so?

No. We want this to be the easiest to use, and at the same time, most complete walkthrough on the net. You can help significantly with that by providing corrections or quest information where needed, or advice with an easier (non-exploit or cheating) solution. Advice of the strategical kind might be better suited to our Strategy Guides section rather than the walkthrough. Send us an e-mail here!.

What are the differences between the Xbox and PC version?

As far as the walkthrough goes, when you reach a point where the two versions differ, it will be noted in the appropriate section. The mini-location Yavin Station was initially PC only, but is now also available through Xbox Live.

Apart from the walkthrough, there are many, though mostly minor. To begin with, many of the major bugs have been fixed (but some others introduced). The graphics are also dramatically improved, for those with computers that can handle max settings at a high-resolution (yet the Xbox version still looks incredible). There are new faces for many of the repetitive characters you would have found in the Xbox version, and the faces are much more detailed thanks to the higher resolution and textures. Some of the enemies are handled in a slightly different manor, and appear more difficult to kill in the PC version (though I could be wrong).

One big change comes with the interface, which supports re-mappable hotkeys and is more efficient overall, though the controller worked absolutely fine (and in some cases was a little easier). The other is the new area, the Yavin space station, with a merchant selling high-quality items throughout the game (which is now available through Xbox Live). Are you missing anything by not having these items? The amount of fun you have will probably be the same, but they'd make things easier for you... and of course can cost a fortune. See our equipment section for all the new items.

What's the best order to do the planets? Are the planets in the walkthrough set up in any order?

There really is no best order. Your first time through the game, you should take a look at our Worlds section and find one with a climate that strikes your fancy. We consider Manaan and Korriban to be slightly more difficult than Tatooine and Kashyyyk, and that's why they appear in the order that they do..

What happens if I talk to characters in my party enough?

That would be a spoiler, but aside from learning about their past, you can eventually gain access to special quests related to them..

Where can I find all the details for those special NPC party quests?

At the first spot where all of them can be triggered: at This Link (#2)..

Where is the information about all the Genoharadan Bounty Quests?

You'll find complete details at This Link (#13), where they are all initiated..

Your walkthrough doesn't have all the items in every bin, container and locker.

It attempts to include all the unusual, powerful, or better-than-average items you can find in the game. If we listed every medpac, repair kit or repair parts that you could find in the game, you would stop reading where any sort of item list began because it would all start to look the same. You'll probably end up searching all the containers anyway. By doing it this way, you won't miss any significant or out of the ordinary ones..

I see the Leviathan is listed last. In my game it comes up before I reached <insert planet name>.

This is because you have the freedom to visit any planet in any order and everyone is going to do it differently. Putting the Leviathan last better communicates the freedom of the game to the readers..

There is a locked door in the walkthrough that you didn't mention, and I can't seem to get past it.

Have you tried bashing it? You can bash pretty much everything in the game that can be opened with the security skill. If there's a locked door that's particularly difficult or uncommon, please let us know..

Which is better, playing the Light Side or the Dark Side?

There are great force powers on each side and the game is well-balanced, so play to the side that suits your playing style. If you don't like to read much, I'd suggest playing Dark. If you're a helping type or like to complete every quest, I'd suggest playing Light. Each of them have a different gameplay style and a unique ending which makes playing two games, one for each side, also something to consider, time permitting..

At what level should I become a Jedi?

It is my opinion that holding onto levels early in order to have more levels as a Jedi later doesn't net much overall (though this has been debated), but more importantly, is less fun. Your character can become nearly as powerful a Jedi if leveling up when possible, since you'll use only a small selection of force powers during battle anyway. Why spend a 20-25% of the game holding back? You'll have plenty of power at the end whichever way you decide..

What are the differences between playing a male vs. playing a female?

The female PC has a chance at a romance with a male party member, while the male PC has a chance at a romance with a female character in the party. You'll also get "hit on" by members of the opposite sex during the game and occasionally have slightly different conversation choices. There is no difference in their power..

Swoop Racing isn't explained much in the walkthrough and I'm having a tough time. Where can I find more strategy?

In our user-submitted Strategy Guides section, under Swoop Racing.