Lower City
Taris - Lower City

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1 - Exit

Exit to Upper City North (#6). Your first time here, just inside this exit, you'll encounter a cut-scene of three Black Vulkars attacking some others. After the fight (to show they're punks), they'll go after you. You'll be encountering groups of Black Vulkars periodically down here, especially in both sets of apartments but none of them are too tough.

2 - Exit

Exit to Lower City East Apartments (#1). These lower apartments aren't necessary to the main quest, but there's some good experience and decent items inside.

3 - Exit

Exit to Lower City Cantina (#1) (officially known as Javyar's Cantina, but it's mentioned as the lower city cantina by the NPC's so that's what I'm calling it to save you confusion later).

4 - Exit

Exit to Hidden Bek Base (#1). Talk to the lookout outside to gain entrance to the base. The Hidden Beks will help you get to the Undercity to further your quest when you talk to Gadon inside.

5 - Exit

Exit to Lower City West Apartments (#1). These apartments are also not necessary to further the story, but you'll find experience and good items for your level inside. Just outside the entrance you'll encounter Canderous Ordo in a cut-scene, a future party member, if this is your first time through.

6 - Exit

Exit to Undercity (#1). There's a Sith here that guards the entrance to the Undercity. The only way down is to receive help from Gadon Thek in the Hidden Bek Base (see #4). He'll give you the papers you need. Don't bother attacking the Sith guard even though it's an option, as you'll lose because of the defense turrets nearby.

7 - Exit

Exit to Black Vulkar Base (#6). This door can only be opened from the other side. If you've got the prototype swoop accelerator when you exit through this door, you'll encounter another group (probably your last) of three Vulkars here in the corridor. If you've sided with the Vulkars, nothing will happen here.