Black Vulkar Main Base
Taris - Black Vulkar Base, Main Level

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1 - Exit

Exit to Upper Sewers (#5). In the east section of the base, look out for hostile droids roaming the corridors and a rooms. In the west side of the base, you'll have to be wary of Black Vulkar Gang members. While none are very tough, there are quite a few in area #8, the Barracks, which can make it a formidable fight. Your goal is to head up to area #11 to the Garage Level. However, first you'll have to disable the security turrets in the room which can be done by the terminal at area #4 or via a pass card from area #8. One or both of those should be your eventual goals.

2 - Disabled Droid

Repairable and helpful if you set to patrol mode, as there are many hostile droids in this wing of the base. Also another xp opportunity.

3 - Damsel in Distress

A waitress is in this room (along with a hostile droid) waiting for someone to rescue her. She can give some helpful information if you stay and chat, and if you let her go you'll receive (LS Points).

4 - Main Security Terminal

If you have a party member with the stealth skill, you can sneak past the Armory and its defense turrets (see #5) and use this terminal to avoid fighting anything further completely. Here's where you can perform some useful system commands to the base, if you have enough computer spikes. For one, you can disable the defense turret security to the Garage Elevator at area #11, which is one of two ways to gain access to the Vulkar Garage. After disabling them, you can continue to #11 if you wish, or continue exploring for more items & exp. Another useful thing is to overload the terminal in the Barracks at area #8 in order to get the passcards from the lieutenants - the other way to enter the Garage. Of course you get less experience this way because multiple fights are usually always worth more than quests, but beware that it's a fairly tough battle.

5 - Armory and Defense Turrets

Concentrate on one enemy at a time here, as there are a couple Black Vulkar gang members who can also show up. Use an energy shield if you're going gung-ho on this area. Defense turrets can deplete your vitality in a hurry. The Armory is locked. Use Mission to unlock the door and grab some of the nice stuff inside, including: Mesh Underlay, a Vibration Cell and Disruptor Rifle.

6 - Exit

Exit to Lower City (#7). If you end up taking the swoop accelerator from the Vulkars in the Garage and ally with the Beks, you'll exit through here. Be prepared to fight three more Vulkars outside in the corridor if you ally with the Beks. Then head to the Hidden Bek base and speak with Gadon again.

However, if you ally with the Vulkars against the Beks (a choice that's coming up in the Garage Level), you'll enter through here from Lower City when you're finished with your business at the Hidden Bek base, go immediately into a cut-scene with one of Brejik's men and enter the Swoop Race (#1).

7 - Vulkar Informant

The Black Vulkar in this room will surrender to you, and can give you important information about the base and how to exit to the Vulkar Garage.

8 - Barracks

As expected in a barracks, many Black Vulkars await. This can be a tough fight because there are so many, especially with the pair of lieutenants. An easier way is to lure one or two out at a time rather than barging in an opening fire, or by throwing grenades into their ranks. On the bodies of the lieutenants, you'll find pass cards that allow you access to the computer terminal at area #10 and disable elevator security to the Vulkar Garage Level, your next destination.

9 - Pool Room

Not as in billiards, but water--only it's empty and on top of that, trapped with gas. There's a droid at the entrance that you can repair and activate it to crawl into the pool and self destruct. That allows you safe access to the footlocker at the bottom, which includes: Durasteel Bonding Alloy, a Hair Trigger, Cardio-regulator and Plasma Grenades.

10 - Computer Terminal

You won't be able to access this terminal until you have a pass card from area #8. You can then disable the elevator security gun turrets (don't try and enter the room without first disabling them) and enable access to the Vulkar Garage.

11 - Exit

Exit to Vulkar Garage (#1). The security turrets have to be disabled in order to use the elevator. See #4 and #8 for instructions.