Lower Sewers
Taris - Lower Sewers

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1 - Exit

Exit to Undercity (#11). Your main mission in the sewers is to find Zaalbar (see #3) and exit to the Upper Sewers (see #8).

2 - Outcast Corpse & Rusted Droid

Search the outcast corpse in this room for one of the two "Promised Land Journals" in the Lower Sewers. They're both needed if you want to give all three (including the one you may have found at Undercity (#13)) to Rukil in the Undercity to complete that quest and gain light side points. You can find the other journal here in the Lower Sewers at #5.

There's also a repairable droid in the room. If you repair it and send it on a patrol route, it can significantly help with the upcoming Gamorrean encounter at #3, as well as give you some xp.

3 - Gamorreans & Zaalbar

In the room is four Gamorreans: three Elite plus one Chief. If you repaired the droid at #2 it should keep them occupied while you fire your ranged weapons. But they're not overly difficult, so it won't hurt to get in and melee either. On the remains of the chief, you can find a Cardio-Regulator.

After the encounter, head to the south door of the room. Mission will break the security and it will open to discover Zaalbar waiting in the chamber beyond. After he swears a life-debt to you, he'll become a new party member.

4 - Zaalbar's Equipment

Here in a weapons locker you'll find Zaalbar's Bowcaster, a Scope and a few decent Pazaak cards for your side deck.

5 - Outcast Corpse

Rakghouls guard this corpse. Search the corpse for another "Promised Land Journal." If you took the entrance at #1 then this will probably be your last journal to turn in to Rukil in the Undercity. If you took the other entrance at #6, you might still need to find the journal at area #2.

6 - Exit

Exit to Undercity (#9). If you entered through here from Undercity, be prepared to fight a group of Gamorreans in the next room including a Gamorrean Raid Leader and two Raiders.

7 - Force Field Terminal

Mission knows the codes, so use her on the terminal to disable the force field to area #8, the exit to Upper Sewers.

8 - Exit

Exit to Upper Sewers (#1). Continue through this exit once the force field is down (see #7) on your quest to the Black Vulkar base and the swoop accelerator.