The Great Walkway
Kashyyyk - The Great Walkway

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1 - Exit

Exit to Czerka Landing Port (#6). Along the Walkway you'll encounter many groups of Kinrath and the occasional set of easier flying creatures. The toughest Kinrath are the Viper, followed by the Forest Stalker and then regular Forest variety.

2 - Damaged Droid, Czerka Encounter

First you'll come across a repairable droid. He can help with the many Kinrath on The Great Walkway and you'll get a little xp. However, unless you're very patient, you'll soon pass it up and fight them yourself.

Just ahead of the droid your first time through, is a Czerka patrol that just killed a Wookiee. This is where Zaalbar can explode if he's in your party. You can calm him down and suggest that they leave for the most (LS Points), or you can calm Zaalbar down and then provoke a fight for less. Finally, you can simply ignite his anger and create pandemonium; your choice. If you do provoke combat with the guards, check their remains for an ID card that allows access to the Supply Station containers at area #5.

3 - Senni Vek, Genoharadan Encounter

After killing Calo Nord (most likely on your way back from the Star Map) and if you've not seen him before, a Twi'lek named Senni Vek will walk up to you and say that you've dropped your datapad. You can take it by saying "Uh... thanks." When you read the datapad, it cryptically says, "The Genoharadan say to see Hulas on Manaan. Come alone or not at all." By visiting Hulas without any party members in your party, at East Central in Manaan, you can trigger multiple bounty hunter quests that give (DS Points), powerful items and experience. Of course, if you've already triggered Senni Vek on another planet (any is possible), then he will not show up here.

4 - Wookiee Guard

The guard won't let you past this point until you've spoken with the Chuundar the Chieftain and are sent to the Upper Shadowlands. Afterward, you can walk freely past him. For your first time, continue back up the walkway toward area #5.

5 - Supply Station

There are two metal containers here with some useful albeit fairly average items. There's also a terminal here. You can slice into the containers using the terminal for a hefty fee of spikes (10 for me with 0 skill), or if you've got a security skill of 18+ you can unlock them yourself. Alternatively, you can use the Czerka ID card you may have found on a guard during your (possible) combat encounter at area #2 on your way here.

6 - Dark Jedi Encounter

Three Dark Jedi of Malak's await. They won't hesitate to use Dark Jedi force powers on your party, so it's advisable that you counter them by using your own. The Stun, Slow and Shock series work well against them, as always. Fortunately, after the battle, you'll get all the varieties of lightsabers including two Short Lightsabers, one normal and a Double-Bladed Lightsaber.

7 - Exit

Exit to Rwookrrorro Village (#1). A Wookiee Guard here will take you directly to see the Chieftain your first time - see Rwookrrorro Village (#6).

8 - Chorrawl

After speaking with the Chieftain, you'll come down this way and find Chorrawl fighting off Kinraths. You can join in the battle to help them out, then speak with Chorrawl. He's a friend of the "Mad Wookiee" Freyyr who's been exiled to the Lower Shadowlands, and can be persuaded to tell you all about Wookiee tradition and laws regarding the Chieftain.

  • After Dealing With Freyyr:

    On your way back from the Lower Shadowlands, if you chose to ally with Freyyr, Chorrawl will automatically take you directly to the Chieftain's Hall for the final confrontation between the two groups of Wookiees.

  • 9 - Exit

    Exit to Upper Shadowlands (#1). Gorwooken will meet you here and lower you in the basket.