Czerka Landing Port
Kashyyyk - Czerka Landing Port

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1 - Exit

Exit to The Ebon Hawk (#1). As soon as you step off the 'Hawk for the first time, Janos Wertka appears and requests 100 credits for the Czerka docking fee. You can persuade/lie to him to waive the fee.

About Zaalbar, since this is Zaalbar's home planet. If you don't have him in your party as you're walking first along the port, and then The Great Walkway, the other members will advise you to put him in. It actually makes no difference, besides seeing him lose his temper one time. At the end of the Great Walkway (which is a short first trip), the same result happens whether he's in your party or not, so don't fret. Extreme light-side players (like me the first time) might feel compelled to put him in. It's natural to feel that way, don't let it bother you. The council was wise wiping out... forget it.

Note: This landing port area, just before #7 on the map, is one of the triggers for NPC party quests in the game, as is a similar area on each of the planets. See the Jedi Enclave #2 for complete details on any of these quests.

2 - Fodo Medoo, Pazaak Shark

Fodo will play Pazaak with you for credits. Eventually he will up the stakes to 200 credits and soon after offer his personal deck as a wager.

3 - Komad Fortuna, Dragon Hunter

He'll only show up here if you've completed the last step in getting the Star Map on Tatooine. He doesn't say much, except that he wants to prove himself here on Kashyyyk now.

4 - Eli Gand & Matton Dasol

Matton believes he's in Eli's debt. That's untrue, but talking to Eli will give you a quest to find out what happened. There's a malfunctioning droid at Upper Shadowlands (#5). If you salvage the parts from the droid, you'll retrieve its head, which points to Eli's double-crossing of Matton. Bring it back here and show it to Eli. Matton will then become mad, and you'll have an opportunity for (LS Points) if you calm him down, advising him to be non-violent. After that, Eli will storm off, you'll get 638xp and Matton will be standing there. Talk to him again and you'll find out that he's now taken over Eli's Shop. What's more, if you ask him about the shop, he'll even give you 500 credits!

Because of the battle between the two factions on Kashyyyk, the Wookiee and Czerka, it is important you bring the evidence back before allying with Freyyr in the Lower Shadowlands. If, however, you sided with Chuundar, both Eli and Matton will be here at your convenience.

5 - Janos Wertka, Czerka Merchant

Depending on which Chieftain you side with later on Kashyyyk, he may or may not be here. If you take the light side path and choose Freyyr, he'll disappear. Other than that, he offers some general merchandise for sale.

If you decide on Chuundar as the Chieftain, upon returning to the Czerka Landing Port you'll be taken directly to Janos to talk with him, and then you can leave freely from the office.

6 - Exit

Exit to The Great Walkway (#1). The Czerka Guards will stop you your first time past, but it won't take persuasion to get past them.

7 - Wookiee/Czerka Encounter

On your way back to the Ebon Hawk after choosing a Chieftain to side with, if you chose Freyyr there will be a battle here between the Wookiees and Czerka employees. You'll fight for the Wookiees and it should have an easy time of it.