Hidden Bek Base
Taris - Hidden Bek Base, Main Level

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1 - Exit

Exit to Lower City (#4). When entering the first time, you will only have access to the main hall where Gadon is (see #2) and a few adjoining areas to the right and left. Later at a pivotal point, if you choose to side with the Black Vulkars against the Hidden Beks, they'll give you the pass codes to let you move anywhere within the base.

2 - Gadon Thek & Zaerdra

As you approach Gadon the first time, Zaerdra will get squeamish but Gadon will calm her down. Speak to Gadon and he'll agree to help you in exchange for winning the big Swoop Race coming up. The only catch is you'll have to invade the Black Vulkar Base and fetch the swoop bike prototype accelerator and bring it back to Gadon. And, to do this you'll need to venture to the Undercity (#6), find Mission Vao, and have her help you enter the base. Gadon gives you security papers in exchange for your Sith Armor (you cannot refuse), which allows you to pass the Sith Guard at Lower City (#6). That's where you'll need to go next.

Next time you return to Gadon it should be for one of two reasons. You have either sided with the Black Vulkar Gang and are coming to assassinate Gadon Thek, or you have the swoop accelerator in hand from the Vulkar Garage (#8) and plan to give it to him.

If you've come in peace, only talk to Gadon if you're ready for the Swoop Race, as you'll be transported there after the conversation. Give him the Swoop Accelerator and when you arrive at the Swoop Race Platform you'll receive 630xp for completing the quest.

If you've come to assassinate Gadon Thek, then only Zaerdra will be at his desk. Gadon has retired to his quarters (see #6) so you'll need to go there eventually. None of the Beks will be hostile to you until you open an unauthorized door ("Security Breach!!") or if you tell Zaerdra you're here to kill Gadon. After that, the whole base will turn hostile. The Beks are easier than the Vulkars, except for Gadon and his companion, and they're all over the place. You can pick up some nice items for your level from the leaders of Hidden Beks, including Zaerdra. Her remains includes an Advanced Adrenaline Amplifier.

3 - Trapped Room

If you're here, you've obviously sided with the Vulkars and are fighting the Beks. Disable the mine at the front of the room if possible, and search the footlocker in back for a Hyper-Adrenal Alacrity.Taris - Hidden Bek Base, Gadon's Quarters.

4 - Elevator

Elevator to Gadon's Quarters (see #5).

5 - Elevator

Elevator to Hidden Bek Base Main Level (see #4).

6 - Gadon Thek & Kiera

Be prepared for a tough fight. Gadon uses an energy shield, so he's harder to hit with blasters. Use vibroswords and vibroblades if possible. Kiera is a little easier so you might want to focus on her first. When they're both defeated, you'll find some nice items. Kiera's remains includes a Verpine Cardio-Regulator, Vibro Double-Blade and a Light-Scan Visor. Gadon's remains include a Vibration Cell, Memory Package and Power Belt. Not too shabby.