Jedi Enclave
Dantooine - Jedi Enclave

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1 - The Ebon Hawk

Though you won't make much use of the 'Hawk here on Dantooine, it will become a large part of your adventure after your training here. When you first step off, Bastila will tell you that you need to follow her to the Jedi Council (see #6).

After you're sent to explore the galaxy, simply activate the "Galaxy Map" inside and choose a destination.

Note: This landing port area is one of the triggers for NPC party quests in the game, as is a similar area on each of the planets. See this #2 below for complete details on any of these quests.

2 - NPC Party Quests & Lur Arka Sulas

First, the minor quest: There's a lone twi'lek man named Lur Arka standing near this location who's looking for a girl named "Sasha." When you take the Ebon Hawk to your first destination after Dantooine, you'll discover that you have a stowaway on board. One of your options, for (LS Points) and 310xp, is to bring the stowaway back here to Dantooine, talk to Lur Arka and let him know she's on board. Then allow him to board the 'Hawk to fetch her and you'll get your reward. See The Ebon Hawk (#2): "The Stowaway" for details.

This area is great for another reason, however. It is the trigger for all the NPC Side Quests. There are other triggers in the game, such as outside the Ebon Hawk at the Tatooine Docking Bay (#1), near the Selkath Merchant in the Manaan Docking Bay (#3), or just before Czerka Landing Port (#7) on Kashyyyk. Each of them work the same, but there is the one reliable place which can trigger them all - right here. You'll need to have reached a particular point in the story of the appropriate party member - Carth, Bastila, Juhani, Canderous and Mission, in order to trigger an NPC to approach your party and begin the respective side quest.

Below are the details for each possible party member's quest that can be triggered in these areas, and which point in their story you'll need to reach in order to be able to trigger the quest:

  • Mission's Brother Side Quest:

    After you talk to Mission enough to hear about her brother Griff and Lena (which can all be done on Dantooine), switch Mission into your party if she's not already in it. Then walk into and around this area to trigger Mission's brother's one-time girlfriend, Lena, to appear and talk to the party. If you press her for information, you'll find that Mission's brother Griff is on Tatooine working for Czerka Corp's mining operation. You'll receive the quest to go look for him, first by going to Tatooine and talking to the Czerka Corp. Representative, who resides in the Czerka Office (#3) in Anchorhead. Thus begins the search for Griff. When you find him on Tatooine, he'll have another quest for you to do. Just follow the links above.

  • Bastila's Mother Side Quest:

    With Bastila in your party and after you've talked to her enough to find out about her relationship with her mother, come back to this spot sometime before you retrieve the fourth of five Star Maps and walk around; you'll trigger an encounter with a middle-aged female who once knew Bastila. She'll tell your party of Bastila's mother's illness, mention that she's on Tatooine and that she wants to speak to her daughter. When you go to Tatooine and enter Anchorhead for the first time at Anchorhead (#3) after you receive this quest, you'll be confronted by someone who also saw Bastila's mother. Then find her in the Anchorhead Cantina (#4) to continue the quest.

  • Juhani's Past Side Quest:

    One word of warning: this quest appears related to the Mika Dorin premium shop later in the game, in that if you complete (or perhaps even trigger it) before your fourth of five Star Maps, you will not get an invitation to the premium shop. If you don't know yet what I'm talking about, do not worry. Simply be aware that completing this quest before that time will probably make you miss out on a shop with some of the best items in the game later on... likely due to a scripting oversight.

    After speaking with Juhani enough to hear about her family's slaver past in Taris, you can come to this spot (or any of the other trigger points explained above), walk around and a man named Xor will approach the party. He is a slaver who once tried to buy Juhani. During the conversation, Juhani will become angered, and you can calm her down by using soothing words or with the Jedi code, "There is no emotion...". If you manage to get rid of Xor without a fight, you'll receive (LS Points), but he'll be back later.

    Wherever the Ebon Hawk lands is an appropriate spot for Xor to appear - that includes Tatooine, Korriban, Kashyyyk and Manaan as well. When he appears the next time, he'll be accompanied by two rodian thugs and he won't listen to reason. After you battle him enough, he'll surrender. Now it's his turn to coax Juhani to give into her anger and turn to the Dark Side. If you manage to calm her down using the "There is no emotion..." line, you'll receive 1800xp, more (LS Points) and the conclusion of her quest.

  • Carth's Son Side Quest:

    When you've listened to Carth enough to hear about his son Dustil, then you can trigger this quest. Walk around the area and Jordo will approach the party. He'll tell Carth that his son Dustil is on Korriban training to be a Sith in their academy. After the conversation, Carth will urge you to go there as soon as possible. There is no real rush, as Dustil will be there until you see him. When you enter the Sith Academy on Korriban, seek Dustil out at Sith Academy (#7) and continue with the quest there.

  • Canderous' Honor Side Quest:

    After listening to enough of Canderous' tales, he'll talk about the time when the Mandalorians fought the Republic, and Revan saved the day. If your journal speaks of Revan, then you've heard enough to trigger this side quest. Walk around the area, and a man named Jagi will approach. He'll blame Canderous for what he did during the battle, and challenge him to a duel on Tatooine. To finish the quest, you'll need to go to the Dune Sea (#10) location on Tatooine to trigger the duel. See the above link for details.

  • Jolee's Murder Case:

    With Jolee in your party, this murder trial quest will be triggered automatically if you visit Ahto West (#2). Otherwise, you can get a clue by having him in your party and walking around some of the trigger areas of the different planets. Another man will approach and after the brief "catching up" conversation, you'll learn a little of what's happening in Manaan.

  • 3 - Aratech Mercantile

    You'll find Crattis Yurkal, a general & Pazaak Card merchant with some nice items, as well as Karal Kaar, a droid equipment merchant.

    4 - Exit

    Exit to Courtyard (#1). After you're sent by Zhar (#7) to venture outside, you'll be able to pass freely through this door by speaking with the guard droid near the exit. Before that, you're not allowed to exit.

    Also, perhaps of interest to you, in the central unlabeled courtyard just before this exit, you'll have had a brief encounter with Belaya. If you take the dark path in your encounter with Juhani later on Dantooine, you'll likely be meeting her again much later.

    5 - Sol'aa, Pazaak Shark & Merchant

    You can play Pazaak with him for a max of over 100 credits per hand, or buy a variety of side deck cards. As a bonus, if you beat him enough times, he'll then offer his Pazaak cards for one last hand, a nice selection of +/- cards if you win.

    6 - Jedi Council

    When first landing in Dantooine, you'll be sent here to speak with the four members of the Council. Simply enter the area and the conversation will ensue about your being strong with the Force. The Jedi will need to discuss the matter and you'll be sent to your ship until morning. During the night, both you and Bastila will have a dream, and are confronted by Carth at the landing to the ship (#1). He'll question you about it, and you'll be again sent to see the Council.

  • The First Trial:

    During your conversations with the Jedi Council, if you "lie" or "persuade" in your choices about your intentions, you'll gain (DS Points). After speaking with them, you'll begin your training in earnest, followed by a cut-scene. Now speak with Zhar, who's moved to the Training room (#7). He'll tell you to that you need to learn the Jedi Code, your first of three trials. Vandar (the Yoda-like one) at the council can help you with this. When you're ready, speak with Zhar again (see #7 for the answers).

  • The Second Trial:

    After completing the first trial with Zhar (#7), speak with Dorak of the Council to choose your class: Jedi Consular, Jedi Sentinel or Jedi Guardian. Before that, you may wish to consult with the Training Computer near Zhar for a brief look at the classes and their strengths and weaknesses. You'll first answer a series of questions and then get to choose your class crystal. After answering Dorak's questions, he'll make a class recommendation, but you're not forced to stick with it; choose whichever class you decide. Choose the color green become a Jedi Consular, yellow to become a Jedi Sentinel, or blue to become a Jedi Guardian and Dorak will hand you the appropriate color crystal to assemble your lightsaber with. As soon as you exit the conversation you'll have gained your first level as that class, and will need to level up. Then you'll be sent back to Zhar (#7) to put together your new 'saber and crystal.

  • The Third Trial:

    See #7. Come back and speak with the council when you've completed it.

  • After the Grove:

    When you re-enter the council area after completing the third trial, the Jedi Masters will tell you of more important things, particularly of the vision that you and Bastila shared. You're to enter the Ruins from the Courtyard (#9) and discover what it was that Malak and Revan were after. When you're finished, report your findings to the council. However, just before you're sent on the mission, the conversation is interrupted by Ahlan Matale who's having a family feud with the Sandral's.

  • The "Matale-Sandral Feud" Quest:

    Receiving your final mission with the Council initiates another (fairly large) side-quest, the Matale-Sandral Feud. Vandar suggests that if you have time, you investigate this matter before searching the Ruins. There's both light side and dark side point opportunities as well as a lot more exp if you decide to take it on. First go over to the Matale Grounds (#4) and speak with the guard droid, who will then bring out Matale. Next go to the Matale Grounds (#5) to find the "dead settler." Finally, hit the Sandral Grounds (#3), speak with the droid and enter the compound, starting that series (explained in the link above). That's of course if you want to do everything. If not, you can go right to the Sandral Grounds.

  • After the Ruins:

    You've now found the Star Map in the Ruins (#5) and have come back for instructions. This is where they set you free and you receive the main quest in the game. You'll need to find the Star Maps on the four other planets (Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan and Korriban) in order to piece together the location of the Star Forge. Once found, you're to put a stop to the evil of Darth Malak. This is the best part of the game--the sheer freedom! You can do the planets in any order, and venture back and forth between any of them at your leisure, until you have all four Star Maps.

    For now, head to the Ebon Hawk, enter its bridge area - see The Ebon Hawk (#2) - at the front of the ship, activate the Galaxy Map, and choose your destination. The order that we present in the walkthrough is a guideline, not a rule. It is a general order of difficulty, but it's not extreme by any means. Explore the way you want to.

    One final note. We present the "Leviathan" section of the walkthrough after all four planets. You'll actually encounter it sooner, but since the order is up to you, we put it last.

  • 7 - Zhar, Jedi Trainer

    Zhar won't be here until you first talk to the Jedi Council and then he'll wander over to this area where you'll want to speak with him. To pass your first Jedi trial (see #6), you'll need to master (memorize) the Jedi Code - Vandar (or a more hostile Vrook) can teach it to you. Speak with Zhar after you've memorized it for 200xp, or just look below. The answers are as follows:

    "there is the Force"

  • The Second Trial:

    After passing the first trial, Zhar sends you over to Dorak in the Council area where you'll choose your class and receive a crystal (see #6: The Second Trial). Come back to Zhar after you're finished leveling up in your new Jedi Class and he'll send you over to the workbench in the same room to construct your new lightsaber and crystal. Now click on the middle slot for your lightsaber, select your colored crystal and then choose "Assemble" and voila! You've got a new lightsaber and 200xp. Speak with Zhar for the third trial.

  • The Third Trial:

    After your exquisite craftsmanship on your new lightsaber, Zhar sends you on your most difficult trial, to free the Ancient Grove of its dark taint. You're not sure at the time what that means, but here it is. You'll be fighting a dark Jedi in the Grove (#5), your destination. When you've completed it, come back, see Zhar and he'll promote you to "Padawan" and receive 800xp. Now you'll be sent back to the council (see #6: After the Grove).