West Central
Manaan - West Central

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1 - Exit

Exit to Docking Bay (#5). West Central is more a hub than anything. There's little to do here except pay your initial docking fee or play Pazaak.

2 - Jolan Aphett, Pazaak Shark

He'll play Pazaak with you for a max of 200 credits per hand and will eventually relinquish his cards to you in a final game.

3 - Selkath Official

In order to pass through the south door of this room, you'll have to pay 100 credits to this Selkath or persuade for merely 50. After finding the Manaan Star Map, the official asks 500 credits.

4 - Exit

Exit to Ahto West (#1). To the Selkath High Court, a quest for Jolee, and a couple of side quests in the cantina.

5 - Exit

Exit to East Central (#1). To the Republic Embassy, Hotel, and eventually Ahto East.