Czerka Office
Tatooine - Czerka Office

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1 - Exit

Exit to Anchorhead (#4).

2 - Dayso Cooh Encounter

As soon as you enter for the first time, a dissatisfied customer named Dayso Cooh storms out, but not without first giving you a piece of his mind. Apparently the Czerka Corporation has no accountability. When you leave, he'll be out there waiting.

3 - Protocol Officer

She's who you'll talk to in order to get your Hunting License. Unfortunately you're forced to agree to her conditions of killing the Sand People Chieftain to get his Gaffi Stick for your part of the agreement. Outside you'll meet Dayso Cooh again who will tell you how to get around that. In a nutshell, the peaceful solution is to go to the Droid Shop to pick up HK-47 (who speaks Sand People dialect), battle a few ambushes of Sand People out in the desert, take their robes, and then have all non-droid characters wear them to the Enclave.

  • If you have the Mission's Brother Quest from Jedi Enclave (#2):

    You can talk to her and ask about Griff. She'll tell you that he was also captured by the Sand People. He's being held at the Sand People Enclave (#4), but only if you have the quest. If not, you might want to read about it (at the Jedi Enclave link above) before you start the Sand People quest.

  • After acquiring the Chieftain's Gaffi Stick:

    Return to her and receive 1300xp and 500 credits (persuade for 700). You can also collect on any other Gaffi Stick bounties for more credits.

  • 4 - Greeta Holda, Merchant

    Not only does he sell general merchandise, but he's the one to go to if you're trying to settle the Sand People agreement (see #3 above) peacefully and need moisture vaporators to prove your worth to the Chieftain. It'll cost you 400 credits, but you can negotiate down to 200 if you're shrewd. Then you can take them back to the Enclave.

    5 - Griff, Budding Sociopath

    He's only here if you first talk to the Protocol Officer at #3, ask her about Griff (that is, if you have the Mission's Brother Quest from the Jedi Enclave), and then rescue him from the Sand People Enclave (#4). He's actually got a quest for you as well. If you accept, you're to go to Kashyyyk and pick up a Tach Gland (from a little creature similar to a Gizka) in the Upper Shadowlands, then bring it back to him for the promise of a reward. As it turns out, no matter what you do for Griff, whether it's giving him credits or promising deeds, he will never come through and you'll be out money and time. However, there is a slight good side to this. There are a couple opportunities for (LS Points) with Mission while talking to her during these quests.