Lower City East Apartments
Taris - Lower City East Apartments

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1 - Exit

Exit to Lower City (#2). The west side of these apartments are filled with Black Vulkar gang members. You'll find them in the main corridor and in the rooms. On the right side you'll find a couple quests.

2 - Sentry Droid

XP opportunity. You can repair all broken-down droids in the game, and have them patrol the area. You'll need repair parts to do it (as in the Endar Spire Starboard Section tutorial). The more functions you make the droid perform, the more experience you receive. As an added bonus, whenever they kill creatures for you, the xp will go to you.

3 - Vulkar Boss

A slightly tougher Vulkar battle. Here you'll fight a "Gang Boss" and "Enforcer." On their remains will be a useful Heavy Blaster and Energy Shield. In the footlocker behind them you'll get Concussion and Frag grenades.

4 - "Twisted Rancor Trio" Puzzle

Don't touch anything. Well, head for the desk first. If you want to do this puzzle yourself (and I'd suggest trying all of them yourself first because there's some fun logic puzzles in the game), get the datapad from the desk at the back of the room, press the Start button and flip to the quest page. Now hit the X button to switch to your quest items. The Twisted Rancor Trio datapad should be there. Read through it to decipher the very easy puzzle. You'll have to decide which order to activate the holograms in the room in order for the crate to open. Read below for the solution:

Activate Elinda first.
Activate Ujaa second.
Activate Ujii third.
Activate Loopa fourth.
Activate Fodo fifth.
Activate Ashana sixth.

Inside the crate you'll find Echani Fiber Armor and 50 credits. You'll also get 110xp.

5 - Matrik's Bounty

Inside the room is Matrik. He's another with a bounty on his head by Zax the Hutt at the Lower City Cantina (#8). You can kill him of course, but if you want to help, you'll need to get him a Permocrete Detonator to fake his death. You'll find this at the Equipment Emporium in Upper City South (#2) at the end of her inventory, for 50 credits. When you bring it back to him, you'll receive 480xp and (LS Points). As a bonus you can still collect the bounty from Zax, of 300 credits and 55xp.