South Apartments
Taris - Upper City South Apartments

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1 - Your Hideout

This is where you awaken from your crash landing. Carth managed to help you find this abandoned place. Inside is a workbench where you can upgrade your equipment like vibroswords, blasters and armor. Whenever you come back to the hideout, all your Vitality Points will refill and your party members will be standing around. You can come back instantly at almost any time except in many dungeon-type areas. Afterwards, you can instantly transport back to the location you came from by pressing the "X" button on the map screen. Later, your Ebon Hawk ship acts as the same thing... only, it's mobile.

Your goal in Taris is to first find Bastila, and then escape Taris. To do that, you'll first need to gain entrance into the Lower City.

2 - Exit

Exit to South Apartment Corridor (see #3).

3 - Exit

Exit to Your Hideout (see #2).

4 - Sith Encounter & Messenger

The first Sith run-in on Taris. If you save the NPC, you can get more information about Taris.

Much later, right after winning the big Swoop Race, you'll be dropped off at your Hideout above. After exiting, you'll be greeted here by a messenger who says to meet Canderous Ordo at the Lower City Cantina (#9). He is your only chance to get off Taris. In actuality, you can also go pay him a visit now in either the upper or lower cantina.

5 - Dia's Apartment

Unlock the door using any character's security skill, and inside you'll find Dia. This is a side-quest. She's got a bounty on her head. If you go to the Lower City Cantina (#5) and talk with Holdan, you can persuade him to release her from the bounty. 125xp and Light Side Points (LS Points) if you take no reward.

If you are in it for the reward, like Han, you'll receive a Energy Projector melee upgrade.

6 - Larrim the Merchant

The first merchant you'll run into on Taris.

7 - Exit

Exit to Upper City South (#1).