Upper City South
Taris - Upper City South

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1 - Exit

Exit to South Apartments (#5). As soon as you exit the apartments for the first time, you'll get a new tutorial quest called the "Rapid Transit System" quest. Press Start and cycle through to the map page using the right or left trigger. Then hit the "X" button and confirm with "A" to return to the hideout. To transit back, press X on the map screen again.

2 - Equipment Emporium

Merchant inside selling above-average equipment for this portion of the game. She is also the only one to sell a "Permacrete Detonator" at the very bottom of her inventory for 50 credits. If you buy this, you can use it for Matrik's quest later, in the Lower City East Apartments (#5).

3 - Exit

Exit to Upper City Cantina (#1).

4 - Rodian Encounter

If you managed to insult Gena Lavin in the Upper City Cantina, then this is where you'll fight two Rodians. It's an easy battle, and a little funny.

5 - Bullied Merchant Encounter

Your first time here, you'll encounter thugs of Davik Kang harassing a merchant. (LS Points) for helping him. 250xp and more (LS Points) for giving him 100 credits. If you do give him the credits, the 100+ creds you get from looting the thugs will at least recoup the loss.

6 - Zelka Forn, Medical Clinic

Free healing at any time. Zelka will give you a quest to find the rakghoul serum in the Undercity (#8). On your way out of the clinic you'll be approached by one of Davik Kang's pawns in the clinic who will try and convince you to bring the serum to Zax at the Lower City Cantina (#8) for 1000 credits.

Once you find the serum, if you take it back to Zelka, you'll get (LS Points) and 200xp. During this conversation, if you choose the most unselfish topics, you'll have a total of 3x (LS Points) opportunities, the most in one place in Taris! Turning down any sort of reward for bringing Zelka the rakghoul serum will also earn you a discount on any of his medical supplies.

7 - Republic Soldiers

If you manage to pick the lock in the door at the back of the medical facility, you'll discover Republic soldiers being healed in bacta tanks. Convince Zelka that you support the cause and you'll get more (LS Points).

It's also worth noting that you can persuade Zelka to reveal that he's secretly healing the Republic soldiers. You'll need to be a smooth talker, though.

8 - Exit

Exit to Upper City North (#1).