Ahto West
Manaan - Ahto West

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1 - Exit

Exit to West Central (#4).

2 - Elora, Sunry's Murder Trial

If you've got Jolee (from Kashyyyk) in your party when entering Ahto West, you'll encounter Elora and trigger a fairly large trial quest for Jolee and party to solve. The whole thing will be explained here. The quest is about Elora's husband Sunry. He's been accused of murdering a Sith woman in the hotel in East Central, and you, as arbiter for the case, are supposed to investigate and represent Sunry. It's easiest if I explain this quest in steps and each of their outcomes so that I can refer back to them from the area markers in other areas that you'll be going to.

Elora will first ask that you see the Selkath High Court here in Ahto West area #7. Go there, speak with Judge Shelkar, and ask to be named arbiter of the case. You'll receive 100xp.

You'll be clued in that most of the activity was in the hotel in East Central. On your way there to question witnesses, speak with Elora and ask her about Sunry's past for 500xp.

Proceed to the East Central Hotel at East Central (#8) to speak with the hotel manager Ignus. Remember that you're representing Sunry in the trial. Ignus can be persuaded to say that he heard the shot after Sunry left using your persuasion skill or with 200 credits. This may seem like a "Dark Side" maneuver but you won't receive any Dark Side points. You'll also get 500xp. It's not critical that you do this even if you want to prove Sunry innocent but it can help your case.

After Ignus, talk with Firith Me in the room at East Central (#9). Again, you can persuade (and Force Persuade) Firith to give you information, this time that the sith woman was a Dark Jedi. You can also give him 100 credits to do the same. Both will give you 500xp.

Next speak with Gluupor in the bottom left room of the hotel at East Central (#10). You can use your persuasion or 100 credits to make Gluupor confess to planting Sunry's medal in the room, and to testify to this in court. 500xp.

On your way out of the hotel, you'll be approached by a "mysterious man" at East Central (#11). All he'll say, if you ask, is to keep an open mind about the trial and to seek info at both Republic and Sith Embassies. For all I know this is somewhat a bug in the game, as I've been through the Sith Embassy twice and did not find a shred of evidence I could use in the trial later. However, the Republic Embassy has some very valuable information in its computer room; a data recording of the actual murder taking place, virtually enough to declare Sunry guilty without a trial if that's what you wanted. Go to the Republic Embassies computer room at East Central (#6), slice into the computer, and download the Sunry data recording. Along with 300xp, you'll now have all the information you need to declare Sunry innocent or guilty.

Travel back here to Ahto West #2 and speak with Elora again. Tell her Sunry may not be as innocent as she thinks, and then show her the data recording. You'll get 500xp but she won't believe you. Now it's time to speak with Sunry himself, who's in prison at the moment.

Speak with the selkath guard outside the prison at area #8 and you'll be allowed to enter. Inside you'll find Sunry and the Warden. Talk to Sunry first, and eventually exhaust all the conversation topics. You'll show him the datapad that proves he killed the sith woman, receive 500xp, and he'll confess to the murder. If after that you allow Sunry to convince you free him, you'll receive (DS Points) for this conversation. So now you have a dilemma at the upcoming trial. Will you back Sunry's claim of innocence or find him guilty? There are three outcomes - 1. Guilty without showing the data recording for 300xp; 2. Guilty by submitting the data recording as evidence for 400xp; and 3. Innocent for 500xp and lowered costs at the two main merchants here in Manaan. No matter what the verdict, you won't receive Dark Side or Light Side points during the upcoming trial, so keep that in mind.

Talk with the Warden and ask to begin Sunry's murder trial. He'll take you to the Selkath High Court at area #7 where everyone (that can be) will be in attendance.

High Court. Here are the various outcomes and how to attain them:

  • Finding Sunry guilty without showing the data recording:

    Simply go through the trial without showing the data recording as fast as possible without asking questions. He'll be found guilty and you'll receive 300xp.

  • Finding Sunry guilty by submitting the data recording as evidence:

    This one is easy as well. On your first option, scroll down to the "He's guilty! I have this data recording as evidence" option, and the trial will adjourn without examining the witnesses. You'll get 400xp.

  • Finding Sunry innocent:

    All the steps above at the hotel (except persuading Ignus) and when speaking with Elora are necessary, and you won't have to download the data recording at the Republic Embassy. Here is how the trial should proceed. First up will be Ignus. If you persuaded him, he will confess that he heard the shot after Sunry left, to your favor. If not, he will testify against Sunry. Next will be Firith Me. During your cross-examination of Firith, ask if she is indeed a Dark Jedi. Now ask if he actually saw the murder take place. Now choose no more questions.

    After Firith, we have Gluupor. During your cross-examination, ask if he planted the medal. Now ask if he saw the murder happen. Then choose no more questions.

    Now Elora will come out. During your cross-examination, ask her about Sunry's affair. Then have no more questions. Finally, Sunry comes out. When you have a chance, ask Sunry simply if he went there to end the affair, would the sith object? Now choose no more questions.

    It's time for your closing argument. Choose first "No one actually witnessed the murder." Next choose "Sunry went to end the affair so the sith killed her." Then close your case. After a brief intermission, Sunry will be found innocent, you'll get 500xp and you can expect lower prices at both main merchants, one in East Central and one in Ahto East.

  • 3 - Nilko Bwaas, Quest

    Talk to Nilko and he'll ask you to find out why the Republic is hiring all the mercenaries.

  • After speaking with Roland Wann:

    You can come back here directly after talking to Roland in East Central (#5) and complete the quest for 500xp, or you can choose to put it off until you eventually explore Hrakert Station later.

  • After exploring the Hrakert Station:

    Once you've explored the Sith Base, talked with Roland Wann at the Republic Embassy and explored Hrakert Station, return to Nilko and tell him about the underwater station. You'll receive 500xp and 500 credits.

  • 4 - Gonto Yas, Pazaak Shark

    He'll play Pazaak with you for a max of 200 credits per hand.

    5 - Shaelas, Concerned Father & Iridorian Mercenary

    After you speak with him, Shaelas will ask you to find out what happened to his daughter Shasa and her friends. They happen to be in the Sith Base at Sith Base (#16). Before you rescue them, be sure to check out Sith Base (#15) and retrieve the token from a dying selkath. When you go there, you'll be able to convince them that the Sith are using them with the token, or simply kill them. One note: the only way into this area of the Sith Base is if you have this quest from Shaelas.

    After speaking with Shaelas to receive the quest, you can talk to the Iridorian nearby and threaten him with a high enough persuade, he'll admit to kidnapping the young Selkath and you'll receive an additional 150xp.

  • After freeing or killing Shasa and her friends:

    If you've convinced Shasa that the Sith are evil, tell Shaelas for 600xp. You'll also get (LS Points) by refusing the 500 credit reward.

  • 6 - Selkath Bartender

    This selkath is also a merchant who specializes in stimulants.

    7 - Selkath High Court

    You'll be brought before the court possibly three times during your adventures in Manaan. Two of them are required and one is for the Sunry Murder Trial (see #2, step J above).

    The first time you'll be sent to the courts is after raiding the Sith Base. You can choose to have an arbiter on your behalf or represent yourself. Choosing to represent yourself is easier. Otherwise you'll have to interrupt the arbiter before or when he goes a little crazy and begs mercy on the court, and then continue representing yourself using these options. If you've got the datapad from Sith Base (#18), represent yourself (at some point) and show the court the datapad containing Sith plans for a Manaan takeover, and you'll be set free. If you don't have the datapad, represent yourself (again, at some point) and tell the court that you were there for diplomatic reasons for the Republic and that the Sith double-crossed you and attacked. You'll then be set free.

    The second time is after returning from the Hrakert Station under water, and either blowing it up or using its vents to poison the giant Firaxa shark down there. If you decided on poisoning the shark, you'll be permanently banned from Manaan. If you decided on blowing up the station, then tell the court that and you'll be congratulated and freed.

    The only other time you might come here is to defend Sunry in his murder trial. If this is the case, see #2 above for the steps.

    8 - Selkath Guard

    He'll let you into the prison to see Sunry or begin the trial if you've become arbiter of Elora's husband Sunry for his murder trial. See #2, step H above for details.

    9 - Sunry & Selkath Warden

    This is the prison. You'll only be allowed inside if you've taken the job as arbiter of Elora's husband Sunry. When you're ready to talk to Sunry, see #2, step H for details.