Hrakert Rift
Manaan - Hrakert Rift

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1 - Exit

Exit to Kolto Control (#7). Your main goal here is to use the Kolto Control Panel at area #3 to get past the giant firaxa guarding the Star Map at area #4.

2 - Exit

Exit to Hrakert Station (#13). When you're done here, or if you need to go back up to Manaan before getting the Star Map, use this entrance to the station.

3 - Kolto Control Panel

Here we are, to the last stage of Manaan. Using the panel, you can either a) feed the toxin cannister Kono gave you in Kolto Control into the harvester vents to poison the giant firaxa... or b) solve a transfer puzzle of toxic chemicals to explode the station. If you choose to feed the poison through the vents, you'll get no experience and you'll need to be on your rhetorical best when being questioned by the court upon returning to the surface, else you'll be permanently banned from Manaan. See below for the correct responses. If you are banned, all medpacs and healing supplies will be significantly increased in price around the galaxy as well. For this "dark" avenue, simply activate the control panel and choose the feed poison into the vents option. You can now go and grab the Star Map at area #4 for 2000xp and return to the surface via the area #2 exit back to Hrakert Station! Keep the possible consequences in mind however. A reader sent us this apparently only way to stay on Manaan upon conclusion of this scenario:

There is a way to poison the kolto supply and not be banned from Ahto City. However, during the trial, there is only ONE set of correct answers that will yield this result. The responses during the trial are as follows:

1. At the initial response, tell the truth, that "the harvesting machinery released a toxin into the water."

2. When they ask what happened to the station, respond with "It's not my fault! The harvester malfunctioned!"

3. When they ask what happened to the machinery, respond with "Okay, I did it. But you can't do anything to me - I know too much!"

4. When the court suggests that they will ban the entire republic, respond with "If you ban us, I'll tell that the kolto is destroyed!"

After the fourth response, they will decide that there is little that can be done to you since you've backed them into a corner. They allow you to go as long as you speak nothing to anyone about the kolto.

  • Re-distributing the Chemicals:

    If you choose to re-distribute the chemicals in the pods on either side of the control panel to destroy the station, your goal will be to fill the right container pod (which has five parts) with only four parts of fluid. The left container pod (the injector) has only three parts. First access the fuel tank pressure control. Here is the quickest solution:

    1. Fill the Container Pod. (container = 5 parts)
    2. Transfer from Container to Injector. (container = 2, injector = 3)
    3. Dump the Injector Pod. (container = 2, injector = 0)
    4. Transfer from Container to Injector. (container = 0, injector = 2)
    5. Fill the Container Pod. (container = 5, injector = 2)
    6. Transfer from Container to Injector. (container = 4, injector = 3).

    And that should do it. The giant firaxa will move aside when the building is destroyed, and you'll have access to the Star Map at area #4! Go and retrieve it for a nice 2000xp and then return to Hrakert Station via the exit at area #2. You can of course go back to Kono Nolan and Sami, but they'll wait for a "real" rescue team to arrive.

  • 4 - Manaan Star Map

    Here it is, but at first it's guarded by a giant firaxa shark. You'll use the Kolto Control Panel at area #3 to either poison the shark or destroy the station to have access to the map. When that's done, touch the Star Map to receive 2000xp. You can now re-enter Hrakert Station through the exit at area #2, where your party members will be waiting.

    Remember, you may have an encounter with Calo Nord or Darth Bandon on your way back at Hrakert Station (#3) depending on which number Star Map this was for you. When you re-surface in the Sub Bay on Manaan, you'll speak with Roland Wann just inside the Republic Embassy. After telling him what went on he'll give you a reward and xp, explained at East Central (#5). Finally, after exiting the Republic Embassy, you'll once again go on trial at Selkath High Court in Ahto West (#7) for your actions down here. If you poisoned the shark, you'll be permanently banned from Manaan unless you do not give self-incriminating answers to the court (see above), and threaten them in turn. If you destroyed the station, you'll have their respect and gratitude. Simply tell the truth, because lying will not help in this case.