Upper City Cantina
Taris- Upper City Cantina

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1 - Exit

Exit to Upper City South (#3).

2 - Bendak Starkiller

The infamous Bendak Starkiller - famed duelist of Taris. He only duels to the death. When you become champion of the duel arena (see #8 below), check with Bendak and he will challenge you to a fight to the death. There's also the matter of a bounty on his head with Zax the Hutt at the Lower City Cantina (#8). If you do decide to fight Bendak you will get (DS Points) after the fight. You can accept the challenge however without any disposition shift.

After he's dead (700xp for him alone), return to Ajuur for your reward, and to Zax at the Lower City Cantina for another bounty reward.

3 - Garouk, Retired Pazaak Shark

He'll sell you a Pazaak deck for 50 credits. Throughout the game, you'll be able to play Pazaak with various opponents for credits. It's a way to earn money if you're short, and a bit of fun as well. See our user-submitted Pazaak Strategies section if you're interested in learning the game in-depth.

4 - Niklos, Pazaak Shark

He'll play Pazaak with you for a max of 40 credits per hand... although he's been known to be a sore loser and quit eventually. Christya his female sidekick is a con-artist and if you're male and give her 20 credits after winning a match with Niklos, don't expect much of a return on your investment.

5 - Sarna, bored Tarisian & Sith Officer

Sarna only shows up here if you don't yet have the Sith Armor and haven't yet visited the North Apartments. She'll invite you to a Sith Party later in the North Apartments (#3) if you're nice to her and are male. If you're female, one way to acquire the Sith Armor is to be sympathetic to her and get her to tell you about the Sith, then threaten her about what you've learned, and you'll be able to buy it from her for 200 credits or persuade for less. In addition, a female can also talk to the male Sith Officer standing nearby, who will then invite you to the party (if you do not already have the armor). There are several ways to get the Sith armor required to gain access to Lower City, and here are a few of them. The rest will be mentioned as the walkthrough progresses.

6 - Jergen, con-man, & Yun Genda, Sith

If you're male, Jergen will leave you alone. If you're female, you'll be his prey. He'll attempt to con you into giving him credits in order to get back stage with the band. Once he gets them, he'll leave you high and dry.

As for Yun Genda, if you're female and have not yet entered the North Apartments for the first time, you may approach him against a wall and he'll invite you to a Sith Party over in the North Apartments (#3). This is one of the ways in which you can acquire the Sith Armor required to enter the Lower City. The other would be simply entering the North Apartments without the invitation and visiting #4 at that location.

7 - Gina Lavin, "Taris Nobility"

Being the noble that she is, she mistakes you for hired help. If you persuade her that you'll be bringing her drinks, nothing happens. If you insult her, however, she'll get two Rodians to jump you outside the Equipment Emporium at Upper City South (#4). It's an easy battle however.

8 - Ajuur the Hutt, Duel Arena

Welcome to the Taris Duel Arena. Ajuur can set you up with consecutively harder duels that can win you prestige, experience and credits. None of the first five matches will be to the death, so don't worry about dying. Follows is a list of duelists, their style, recommended level to fight them (thanks BioWare), and how much experience and credits you gain from Ajuur afterward. You can persuade him to give you more credits at the beginning and after each reward. The amounts below are the default 10% earnings:

  • Dead-Eye Duncan:
    Recommended Level: 2-3. Likes to fight melee. Reward: 55xp, 100 credits.

  • Gerlon Two-Fingers:
    Recommended Level: 3-4. Likes to fight ranged, then melee. Reward: 80xp, 200 credits.

  • Ice:
    Recommended Level: 5-6. Likes both ranged and melee. Reward: 105xp, 300 credits.

  • Marl:
    Recommended Level: 6-7. Likes melee. Reward: 125xp, 400 credits.

  • Twitch:
    Recommended Level: 7-8. Likes ranged. Reward: 155xp, 500 credits.

  • After these five, you'll be champion of the duel arena... at least legitimate champ. But there's still one possibly better: Bendak Starkiller. Return to him at the front of this cantina (see #2) if you're interested in earning a lot of money and experience, as well as dark side points. There's a bounty on Bendak from Zax the Hutt in Lower City. You can reap both Ajuur's rewards and Zax's for killing him, not to mention the actual xp (700) when he dies. Anyway, Bendak's info below:

  • Bendak Starkiller:
    Recommended Level: 8+. Likes ranged, but very competent at melee. Will begin by tossing grenades at you so be ready to run. Reward: 105xp, 700 credits, (DS Points).

    If you have spare grenades, use them. Concussion are especially helpful. Then you can whack from far or away at your leisure.