Darth Malak
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Malak Strategy #1

When fighting Malak, a good idea is to tank with him until he drains the 1st captive. What I did is to go around the room and drain every captive, and then use healing to duel him to the death.

Submitted By: Chris Lines

Malak Strategy #2

The most productive way to defeat an enemy is at a distance, after all, Malak did attack your ship from afar. This almost ironic vengeance can be attained through Force powers. Though you'll notice Malak is strong in the Force (making him resistant to many force attacks), he's not resistant to a twirling light saber. The Force-Throw is a very, very good power to have armed. You can run from Malak and simply throw the light saber at him, and repeat. Of course he'll recharge his life through the Jedi. This is where the rest of the strategy comes in. There are captive Jedi, and if Malak is going to use them, I suggest using them as well. The game will end at his defeat and you won't gain any Dark Side points for stealing their life-force. Or, you could simply drain all of the Jedi after his first attack on one and bring it down to to single, shorter, confrontation. Either way you have one ending conclusion; Malak is dead. There is no way this strategy can fail you. Whether you prolong the battle into small burst, or one flurry of attacks. One thing I strongly suggest though is the use of Force-Throw; this way Malak can't suppress the attack. After all of this is done, prepare to celebrate Jedi victory, or Sith conquest.

Submitted By: Elijah

Malak Strategy #3

Once you get to Darth Malak it is a piece of cake! There are three major actions that I undertook to beat him. First, before you actually get all the way up the walk-way to him set up all the mines in one spot that you possess. After setting these mines you must fight Malak until he takes out the first stasis driod to get the force from the captive Jedi's who are really dead for all intensive purposes. In this instance fighting Malak from afar is recommended, however make sure you use your battle stimulants such as; Alcarity which makes you faster, strength, and stamina which are also very important. It is also important to let him wear his force powers out a little so that he is easier to beat. When you do this be fighting him and healing yourself with you Life- support med pacs.

The key, though, is to not let him get down too far on the health otherwise the battle will get longer. The last thing you do is to heal your self each attack and run from Malak from droid stasis chamber to stasis chamber. Once all of these are destroyed you then take Malak back to the original mines. Make sure to keep your Verpine shield and generator belt on then the Fight is easy use the improved furry with healing powers and he will be done for in no time.

Submitted By: Scott

Malak Strategy #4

My second time through the game, I wanted to deal with Malak as fast as possible, so naturally I used the cheapest method I could think of: Running away. If you run, Malak will follow, and if you run in a circle, he will never cut you off and you can keep out of his reach for as long as you want (Ah, the beauty of underdeveloped AI). And after a while of running around, your character will fall out of combat mode and will begin to regenerate Force Points as rapidly as if you weren't in the middle of a desperate struggle for life.

The first time I realized this "glitch," I had Malak running around in a two-foot circle with me. It looked like we were up on the star forge playing ring around the rosey. As per usual in RPGs, all the wonderful powers you've accquired throughout the game are of little use to you in the final battle, as Malak can resist most of your force power attacks. (Tip: Don't even bother with Stasis). The most effective force powers I found were throw lightsaber and Force wave. Use force wave to push him far enough away that you can hurl your lightsaber at him. I used a sequence of force wave - throw lightsaber - heal, adjusting as needed, until I ran out of force points. Then, I'd just start running around until my meter filled up again. This method makes the battle even easier if you have some kind of regeneration, such as a Sith regeneration implant, because you can also rebuild health points on your little jogs around the viewing deck. Use destroy droid, choke, drain life, or throw lightsaber to kill the Jedi in the stasis pods. Once you've done this, you can begin to take your toll on Malak.

Also, to cheapen the experience more, I saved the game everytime I took Malak's life down a considerable amount and after every successful stroll around the level when my force points were fully regenerated. This strategy is not recommended for people who want to feel like they actually accomplished something. But if you've tried everything else and you're desperate, this is a sure way to kill Malak.

Submitted By: Leah Haley

Malak Strategy #5

After getting rid of all the Jedi that Malak will use to life drain, utilize the chutes (walkway) that are located to the rear of the chamber. Hopefully you've loaded up on mines and you can place a whole path of them. Malak, most of the time, will run through the mines to get to you, suffering crippling damage. You can finish him off with grenades or force powers.

Submitted By: Anonymous

Malak Strategy #6

Malak I found was rather weak and couldn't take a hit very well, though he is resistant to most force powers so getting an upper hand right away is next to impossible, as he will most likely hit you with every force power there is. However, if you get your Will Save up high enough, as well as having immune items on at this time, it shouldn't be much of a problem. When you first run into him, make a break for it. You will notice that there are quite a few Jedi batteries here that Malak uses to his advantage…and this is his greatest advantage.

Get as far away from him as you can and target one of the Jedi's. You'll notice that you can't interact with it, BUT you can use your Throw Lightsaber on them. Start taking them out one at a time; if you are far enough away from Malak you should be able to take one out without him getting an attack on you. Move to the next one and continue, by the time you have dispatched of all the Jedi Batteries you can engage Malak in a little one-on-one. He should have no Force left by this time, and as long as you brought a med pack or 3 with you the rest of the fight should be easy. Pump your self with some adrenaline and try to get a stun on him for an even quicker death.

Submitted By: Mattaeus

Malak Strategy #7

This is a great plan to defeat Malak, using the combination of ideas seen here, and original ideas. When you first battle him, throw on force immunity, and if you have the verpine prototype shield use it as well. Keep these on the whole time if you can, and you're almost insured success. Try to conserve vitality during this intial confrontation.Take it slow, wear him down. When you get him down to 50%, he will run and use the energy of a captive Jedi. After this, they will all turn red, making them targetable enemies. Run to the nearest you see and use throw lightsaber, or some dark side power. destroy each you see, it should only take one hit to destroy them. Do this, until Malak finds you. Run, heal, throw lightsaber to ward him off, then find another Jedi. Continue until none are left. Use this same technique to during your final battle. Run, heal, throw lightsaber. Toss a thermal detanator if he pauses to try to use a force power. This pattern is almost fool proof, and I beat Malak the very first time using this battle plan. Good luck, and have fun!

Submitted By: Jinn Yalon

Malak Strategy #8

If you are a Dark Jedi and heavily reliant on Force powers, Malak can be awkward due to his use of Force Immunity and generally high resistance. The easiest way to beat him is to use Plague on him, as it will always work, and then run in wide circles with him chasing. Every so often use throw lightsaber and then continue circling. When he replenishes his health first time run up to the captured Jedi's and use Drain Life/Death Field to kill them and replenish your health. Then continue with the previous tactic of Plague, circling and throwing lightsaber. Circling is also great as after a while you will come out of combat mode and start replenishing health and Force power.

Submitted By: Darth Monkey

Malak Strategy #9

I used a combination of the strategies already submitted here with one addition of my own originality that nobody has mentioned yet. Before engaging in battle with Darth Malak, I lined the walkway with my most powerful mines. Space them far enough apart so that one exploding mine does not detonate the others when Malak steps on one. Next, I made sure I was wearing the advanced adrenaline amplifier and pumped up on battle stimulants, adrenal alacrity and adrenal strength. Then use your shield generator of preference. Now you are ready to fight Malak.

Once the battle begins, the first thing I did was use Force Immunity so Malak could not use force powers against me. Then I just hacked away at him with a mastery of crucial hits. When he has taken enough of the first barrage of fury, he goes to one of the droid chambers containing the Jedi. After he regenerates, he is ready to do battle again. This is where my originality comes in…run away using Mastery of Knight Speed, and run up to the upper level and destroy all the Droids containing the fallen Jedi using Force Throw Light Saber so Malak cannot use them to regenerate. Simple running away from him did not give me enough time to do all of this effectively without dying. Malak should have been left in the dust, but once you finish with the last of the upper droids, he will be drawing in close. Use the Mastery of Jedi Speed again to go down to the lower level, leaving Malak in the dust once more. Heal yourself with Life Support Packs that you gathered while doing massive battle in the Star Forge, then start using Force Throw Light Saber to destroy the droids containing the Jedi on the lower level. You may have to use Jedi Speed once more if Malak reaches you before you finish off the last of the fallen Jedi.

I used Jedi Speed three times: once to get to the upper level, once for the lower left level, and once for the lower right level. Regenerate using more Life Support Packs if needed. Go back to where you set up your mines. They will not kill him, but they will greatly reduce his life points. Finally, Cut Malak up with your light saber using mastery of crucial hits. That should finish him off. Extra note: Force Throwing your light saber to finish off the fallen Jedi in the droid chambers will not assess you dark side points.

Submitted By: wyldtyger

Malak Strategy #10

The first time I finished the game was finishing it as the Dark Lord. I had Force Storm, Kill and Death Field, which proved to be most useful against other opponents-though not Malak.

The key to defeat Malak is embracing the Jedi Philosophy - Peace (also known as running away). When you damage him and he drains one of the captives, just ignore him and use Drain Life ( I used Death Field, which could "kill" two Jedi Captives at once) on the others. When he runs out of Life Stock, run towards him. Malak, I think, lost his brains with his chin in the battle. Just run towards him, and, when you are too close, don't attack - just run in circles. Press W & A (or D) at the same time to do this. Malak will chase you instead of attacking you. When you feel it is the time, stop circling and run forward. Then turn, and throw your saber at Malak.

Continue to do this, run until your Force Points are restored, then turn and swing.

Submitted By: Y. E. Bakiler

Malak Strategy #11

Because there is of course no one strategy that will work with all templates, I will not make an attempt at it. However, an important addition I'd like to make is that there is a light side power that can destroy the Jedi capsules, which has been apparently neglected. I mean destroy droid, which essentially destroys the capsule holding the jedi, not the jedi itself. This power to my experience far outstrips any other power for this specific purpose because of its incredibly low cost. So light Jedis with no throw lightsabers or force breech do have an alternate way of quickly disposing of these capsules. I have not tested it with the lower levels of the branch but it would be a safe assumption to say they work (although it is still an assumption). Throw lightsabers consumes double the force points if you are light side, so guardians will have it easy on their force, necessary to cast the necessary buffs for the almost inevitable melee part of this fight.

My character is a soldier consular, with 20 wisdom and star force robes, providing a whopping 25 total to wisdom. So basically my strategy was to pound Malak with force whirlwind from afar until his resistance gave way and then activate master speed and get in a couple of flurries. (With a double lightsaber with a Solari-Upari combination this amounted to more than 100 damage if all attacks connected, and I had dominator gauntlets (+5 strength) so hitting him was not all too hard.) This meant than in 2-3 whirlwinds I could bring him down surely enough without needing to activate any stims or shields. For the sake of security I tried this several times and it seems to work pretty steadily. For a better chance at getting him with force powers use master valor (if available), although at a great risk of getting its effects suppressed and losing tons of fps. If you have a similar templates but don't have the equipment, activating stims and verpine prototype or echani dueling shields should compensate well enough.

Submitted By: Meatbag

Malak Strategy #12

When fighting Malak there is a simple way to exploit (in the strategic sense, not the "programmers did a crappy job" sense) the layout of the room to your advantage which makes it much easier to deal with him.

When you first confront him, just hit him with everything you have so that he goes off and replenishes his health (it's usually a good idea to have a life-support pack ready to go for when this happens so that you can heal yourself while he's running over to the imprisoned jedi). You'll get a little dialogue cutscene, and after this ends the battle will resume, but DON'T ATTACK HIM AGAIN YET. Instead, run up the ramp to the upper level of the room, and stand by either (doesn't matter which) of the two pods with the imprisoned jedi (and use a force power to kill it if you'd like/can, as this will decrease the duration of the battle significantly), and carry on the fight with Malak from here. If you can't/don't kill the jedi in this pod, it is the one that Malak will use the next time he is low on life, so be ready, as you'll have to fight him twice in a row before you get a break.

The benefit of fighting from this position should be fairly is quite far away from all the other pods in the room, meaning that each time Malak goes off to replenish his health, you will have a much longer time to replenish YOUR health and use any adrenals and defensive items/powers that you'd like, which makes the battle go much more smoothly. Additionally, this makes it easier to run from Malak while maintaining a significant distance between him and you (you'll be well outside of his force power range), which makes eliminating any remaining jedi-pods a piece of cake as well (although with this strategy and any relatively strong character, lasting the full duration of the battle isn't that hard at all). Regardless of what you do with the captive jedi, the basic idea here is to let Malak come to you (though if you have Force Jump and want to use it to make sure you always get the first blow, then by all means do so when he climbs to the upper level), and then hit him with everything you have (master flurry/power attacks have always worked fine for me), and when he runs off instead of chasing him just use the extra time you have to use healing, defensive, and stat boosting items. It's entirely possible to fully heal yourself and activate an energy shield or adrenal every single time Malak runs off when fighting from this spot, and this is a huge advantage compared to the situation you would have if you just tried to fight him in the lower area, where at best you probably won't get to fit in more that two or three actions (if even that) every time he replenishes his health.

Also, if your character has trouble going toe-to-toe with Malak, then try alternating pattern of attacking him once, and then using a healing's slow going this way, but eventually you will be able to beat him (assuming your medpacs don't run out)...or alternately try killing him from a distance using grenades, as other people have suggested.

Submitted By: Some1

Malak Strategy #13

After taking out the captive jedi that Malak uses to feed on, get some space between the two of you (you've remembered to take an alacrity speed boost haven't you?) and make sure you're loaded with as many grenades as possible. At some point he'll stop chasing you to attack you from distance with a saber throw. As soon as he's stopped running, lob an adhesive grenade at him. He'll be stuck fast long enough for you to chuck another two-three grenades at him. Make sure the next one is another adhesive grenade. Repeat half a dozen times and he's history. Easy!

Submitted By: cheekymonkey

Malak Strategy #14

According to the feedback, Malak has the following saving throws: Fortitude 38, Will 27 and Reflex 31. And, as usual, he rolls a d20 on top of that to counter any force attack you might attempt. Using Force Plague early in the battle, or later on(when you'd Force Breached his Immunity or whatever protection) would result in poor Malak having a saving throw penalty of 6 when Plague fully sets in. He's slowed for the duration, to boot. An attempt can be made to deal some Force damage if you're Light Side Consular, as the +10 Wisdom from *certain* items would help you go through his saving throws.

An alternative would be to Plague him, followed by a bunch of thermal detonators. Keep knocking him down until he's wasted. If he's getting close too often for your liking, simply put on something that makes you immune to fire damage. That way, even if both of you get knocked down by the detonators, only one of you would take the damage. No prizes for guessing which one.

A warrior type would opt to use all the stimulants available just before, or during the battle (what do you mean, you'd used them all up earlier?!?). Simply run up to him with your favourite blade and duke it out. Malak is not much of a fighter. Just make sure you have some health packs handy if he manages to hit you before you send him running to his health food supply.

Apprentice Malak is just plagued (pun intended) with weaknesses. He is overly dependent on Force Lightning (which, by the way, deals lightning damage). I believe something might negate lightning. Moreover, lightsabers deal energy damage. I've shields. He has a health food supply. I can remove that supply. He has a decent defense rating. I've a high attack rating. He's still an apprentice. I don't wanna push him too hard, anyway.

Submitted By: Fenrir Nightwolf

Malak Strategy #15

My strategy is for characters with demolition skills only. Remember you should be very prepared for this before you go to the star forge. But all in all it is very, very easy. First you will need a small collection of Deadly Mines, 20 Thermal Detonators, a Verpine Prototype Shield (or some other melee shield), and one of each type of hyper or normal stimulants. First walk up the rap as far as you can without alerting Darth Malak then place all your mines at that very spot. Next prepare to face Malak head on by turning on your shield and injecting the stimulants. Approach Malak and speak to him until you fight. Fight him until he uses the first captive Jedi. Then do nothing but run from Jedi to Jedi killing them. Be sure to kill them all. After doing so run to your mines and lead him through them. This will buy you the time you need to turn around and use your Thermal Detonators on Malak. Use them continually to keep Malak of his feet and take out his life points. With no Jedi to heal up on your Thermal Detonators will have him dead in no time.

Submitted By: Xanatos