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2. Planet or Area: Name of the planet or area.
3. Location: Name of the sub-location within the planet or area.
4. Description: Give as much detail as you can here. Other people will be needing to know exactly what triggers it.
5. Workaround: Provide a workaround for the bug. It can be your own, or one from an official source.

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Bastila Resurrected!
Attention! Spoiler Warning!

1. Platform: Xbox
2. Planet or Area: Star Forge
3. Location: Command Center

4. Description: When playing for the light side during the battle with Bastila in the Star Forge, and you try to convince her to go back to the Light side but she says that she want's you to kill her and you choose to do so. You will strike her down and she will die. Now to the real bug, during the end cut-scene when you recieve your medals, Bastila will be right there next to you although you killed her! This is a major miss by Bioware.

5. Workaround: Just convince her to go over to the Light side again.

Submitted By: J. Darco

Sand People Disguise Fails

1. Platform: Xbox
2. Planet or Area: Tatooine
3. Location: Sand People Territory

4. Description: If you're wearing the sand people clothes and you use the X button to return to the Ebonhawk, you may find that when you return and don your sand people clothes again, the disguise doesn't work and the sand people now register as enemies and engage you in random attacks as if you weren't wearing the clothes. You'll know if this has occured because when your party returns to the Ebonhawk, they'll be standing around in their skivvies. This is because you're not supposed to be able to wear the clothes inside of Anchorhead.

5. Workaround: While you're in the sand people territory, remove the sand people clothes again and then use the X button to return to the Ebonhawk. Then hoof it back to the sand people territory by foot. Your disguise should now hold. The way to avoid encountering this glitch outright: make sure you are not wearing Sand People clothes when you transit back to the Ebonhawk!

Submitted By: Leah Haley

Carth's Blaster x2

1. Platform: Xbox
2. Planet or Area: Leviathan
3. Location: Malak Encounter

4. Description: Right before you do battle with Malak, he will put your characters in a stasis field. If you have Carth equipped with some weapon other than his blaster, it will miraculously appear in his hand when he goes into stasis. Later when you look in your inventory to re-equip his previous weapon, you will find two copies of Carth's blaster. I imagine this glitch will work for any character-specific weapon you wish to duplicate, such as Zaalbar's Bowcaster or Canderous' Ordo Repeating Blaster. This theory has not been tested, however.

5. Workaround: It's not gonna kill you if it does happen, but if for some reason you don't want it to, just unequip your party members' weapons before the encounter with Malak.

Submitted By: Leah Haley

Sith Armor

1. Platform: Xbox
2. Planet or Area: Taris
3. Location: Hidden Bek Base

4. Description: Ever wanted to keep your Sith Armor, but you had to give it away for the Sith security papers? Well, now you can. Before Gadon, leader of the Hidden Beks, asks to trade your Sith disguise for his Sith security papers, you need to equip Carth with the Sith Armor. Then remove Carth from your party. After Gadon gives the security papers put Carth back in your group. Remove his Sith Armor and now you can equip it any time you want and people will still think you're one of the Sith.

5. Workaround: To keep this glitch from happening just don't equip Carth with the Sith Armor if he's not in your party, while your trading for the Sith security papers.

Submitted By: Eric Staples

Galaxy Droid

1. Platform: Xbox
2. Planet or Area: This glitch occurs after the Leviathan most of the time, although players have reported otherwise.
3. Location: n/a

4. Description: After playing through the game numerous times, I have run across this little glitch/debug mode(?) a couple of times. After multiple times of testing, and from the help of other players, I have basically determined the cause of the glitch, and a lot of information about it. I will list the effects of the galaxy droid, as well as ways for causing him to appear.

Causing the glitch:

There are multiple things reported to have caused the glitch, the most frequent reports will be posted here. By using these steps I have managed to cause the glitch to happen numerous times:

a. Do not have Jolee in your party by the Leviathan.
b. Pick Dantooine as your planet to travel to before being captured by the Leviathan.
c. Have a damaged save game.

You should save the game directly after you finish the fight with Malak, just incase you somehow pass the loading after the gunfight. Just by having these, after the gun fight on the Leviathan, your screen will turn black, but you will hear the sound of on board Ebon Hawk. After this occurs this is what you should do to enable the glitch:

a. Wait approximately 5 minutes while the black screen is active.
b. Use the directional pad, and move it left and right until you hear the sound you hear when your choosing through attacks.
c. Press the start button and save the game in a new slot.
d. Load the game, you will now find yourself in the conversation where they talk about you being Revan, after this you will find the Galaxy Droid in the area where you choose your planet destination.


When you talk to the Galaxy Droid, he allows you to visit any of the planets and major places in the game. Some examples of interest are the Endar Spire, Taris, or Dantooine (all destroyed). This allows you to visit these areas with all of your equipment allowing for fun, yet glitchy replay value. The glitchy part is the triggers of the game seem to refresh the woman on Dantooine who asks you about your jedi robes will repeatedly ask you the question as long as you are close to her. Overall I find it pretty fun to go to various areas of the game basically dominating things as a Jedi.

5. Workaround: Its pretty simple, just make sure you don't do any of the things that cause it which were listed above.

Submitted By: Zephyr

The "Carth Glitch"

1. Platform: Xbox
2. Planet or Area: This glitch can happen anywhere, but generally happens when saving your party members on Leviathan with Mission Vao using Stealth.
3. Location: Prison Block, Detention Area

4. Description: Basically the general idea of this bug is if you enter a cut-scene with a character using stealth, the game will not progress beyond that point. The most common place this is seen is on the Leviathan, if you use Mission Vao to use the computer to open the cells to save Carth, your main character, and Bastila while in stealth...Carth will just sit there nodding stuck on the same line. This can be extremely damaging for a player if they do not save their game often, or at all. If you manage to have a high enough awareness to spot Mission though, the game will continue as normal, although this isn't often because it uses your main characters awareness, and most people do not level up awareness for their main character but tend to level up a high stealth for Mission.

5. Workaround: This is fairly simple. Just do not have stealth active before a cut scene. If you feel like being a rebel, just make sure you save often or have a high level of awareness. Another way to avoid this glitch is just to avoid using Mission altogether. [Editor Note: Juhani has stealth capability as well, so use the same precautions when you're using her - stealth anywhere but in the Detention Area, Prison Block level, or before any cut-scene (if possible).]

Submitted By: Zephyr