The Soldier
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A Soldier's Skills

The Scoundrel has a pretty well rounded set of skills right from the get-go, so you probably won't have to worry about what you are going to take and when, so I am going to talk about skill sets for the Soldier.

When creating your initial character, try to put enough points into your Intelligence to give you the +2 bonus, as this should give you 2 points per level up for skills (some skills requiring 2 points to advance any). When you first start out, you want one point in Security and the rest in Treat Injury. The higher your score in treat injury, the more the medpacks and such will heal you in your time of need (and depending on how hard the bosses are for your character, you WILL need them). As you continue to level up, get at least one skill point in each category, this will allow you to use the bonuses offered by various pieces of equipment.

The two skill categories you don't REALLY need, but could be helpful are Computer Use and Demolitions.

For computers, you have T3-M4 who is a whiz with them. Any time you need to use a computer, he should be able to join you any time you need him. Or, if you have purchased/found the upgrades, HK-47 is a good cracker as well as a decent fighter (give him a flame thrower too!).

For Demolitions, you have Mission Vao who is really good at them, or again HK-47 with the appropriate upgrades/equipment.

As always however, you can buy whatever equipment you want and even put it on, but you will not get the bonuses to skills unless you have paid even a single point into the skill to begin with.

Submitted By: Derek