Choosing Force Powers
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Force Armor = Unwise?

Reasons not to take Force Armor

It seems it's highly suggested to take the full Force Armor tree for basically all Jedi since you are restricted to so little armor in order to make use of your force abilities. However I disagree, this power(s) really doesn't need to be such a high priority. You are way better off completing the Force Speed tree. This is because at the highest levels, you only get two additional points of armor this way. By the time you get it, it's not going to make that big of a difference anyway. With master speed, not only do you move master (useful for moving past explored areas), but two additional, and way more useful, attacks per round.

The only advantage that I might see with Force Armor is the ability to cast it cheap for super-light side players. However the problem with that is Force Armor only lasts 20 seconds. For those fights in which you really need it, that's just not going to cut it. The Force Speed powers last a full 36 seconds, almost twice as long. That means that even if Force Armor is cheaper, you're going to be casting it almost twice as often, which somewhat negates that advantage. More-over, you will have spend a round to activate the power, which creates a serious disadvantage in combat, when you need it most. Sure, you do get a serious defense when you use both the armor and speed powers, but you're probably better off taking other Force Powers instead.

In my opinion, the only Jedi character that should even consider taking the full Force Armor tree is a super - light side Consular that can afford to spend the Force points. Even then, I'd say only get these Force Powers if there's nothing better. That being said, I think it should go without saying that no matter what you definitely will want to take the full Force Speed tree as soon as possible.

Submitted By: Kreidian

Powers vs. Alignment

Along the lines of choosing force powers along your Alignment, remember that you cannot affect the alignment of your other NPCs, only your own.

While a lot of my friends thought I was crazy for going the complete goody goody route (they said it was no fun) it makes light side powers cost practically nothing to cast. I found by the time I was near the end, and light was shooting up around my character in the profile, I could be thoroughly depleted and it only took me a few quick seconds to get enough to heal.

So therefore, if you're going to be good, be really good, and if you're going to be bad, be wicked. Concentrate your own chosen powers in building up as many trees as you can in your alignment. (Warning, don't neglect force breach, and immunity however; boy was I sorry I didn't have those at the end.)

You can use your NPCs for Universals, and I highly recommend if you're a goodie two shoes, send Jolee hurtling down the dark path by choosing exclusively dark powers for him. I had the old man kicking ass with Insanity, Force Storm and Death Field. He didn't mind.

Also, make sure you take good care of Juhani. Bastilla was, er, unavailable, at key points in the game, and I did myself no good service for taking such care choosing powers for Bastilla, and being so careless with cat girl.

In my next game I plan to go dark, so I'm going to use myself for the dark side stuff, Jolee for Universals and Bastila and Juhani for light powers. (If I let Juhani live, haven't decided yet.)

Thank you Game Banshee for helping me know when to go back and try something again, and helping me experience as many story lines as possible.

Submitted By: Slarthix Nox: Hero of the Republic

Overlooked Powers

One of the most seriously overlooked powers (based on what I've read on forums) is Life Drain/Death Field. Surprising really because it is ultimately the best comabt power of the lot for the following reasons:

1) For a Dark Jedi this is the only healing power that is worth using in combat, due to the point cost associated with "Heal" if you're a baddie.

2) Like "Force Storm", "Death Field" will target multiple enemies, but unlike "Force Storm" it will heal you based on how many enemies there are - in other words it does exactly what you need in combat, just when you need it - if you're surrounded by enemies and they're taking chunks out of your back, it'll hurt them and heal you. A nice, reliable power .

3) It is the only attack/heal combo - ie you don't waste a combat turn using heal or life support packs - indeed when you're on the Star Forge and they just keep comin' and comin' and comin' you need 4 life support packs to heal you about the same as a standard medpac due to all the hits you take whilst bumping up your VP (if you're dumb like yours truly and get trapped in one room)... "Death Field" doesn't leave you open like this.

True - Force Storm will take out DJ nicely since it damages FP totals, but I found that having FP up for both Bastila and my charachter and having upgraded Bastila's Life Drain we could take out 8 or so DJ and finish with full health by using this power only - yeah they save, so what? That just means THAT time round you only did half damage, and half of 10-40 is still about what a blaster would do (not to mention the heal component) - You'll wear them down eventually - AND end up healthy....

Submitted By: Adam

Watch Your Alignment

Force powers should correspond to your alignment. The amount of force points required to execute a force power depend upon your alignment vs. the affinity of the force power. If you plan on having a character on the dark side it is a good idea to go all out evil. Later in the game when your affinity to the dark side is very high, you can unleash a lot of force lightning, and death fields before your force points run out. At the same time it's nice to have the heal power available for the time that you are safe and can take the time to lick your wounds. It may require the use of more force points, but being able to save your medpacs for when you need them is worth the wait.

Submitted By: Brian Murphy