Lots of Light Side Points
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Sandral Enlightenment

This is for the Xbox version. It may or may not work for the PC version when it comes out. This bug involves the (now) infamous Matale-Sandral feud on Dantooine. You get the quest automatically after completing your third Jedi trial.

When entering the Sandral Estate for the first time, Rahasia his daughter comes out to ask for your help in finding Shen. End the conversation as quickly as possible by being rude to her. This will at first correctly net you dark side points. However, talk to her again and apologize for your previous behavior. She'll then ask again for your help. This time say that you'll help her. On the very next dialogue choice, choose the "I don't have time for this" option. She'll be shocked again at your behavior, you'll get admonished by Bastila, but a strange thing happens. Instead of receiving more dark side points, you'll get light side points! Speak to her again, apologize, say you'll help, then say you don't have time for it, and again you'll receive more light side points. You can continue to do this until your meter is full.

Submitted By: Applebrown