Saul Karath
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Concentrate, Jedi

To beat Saul Karath the easiest way for me, you should have have everyone in your party focus on the Dark Jedi, then take out Saul Karath. All that is left is mopping up the remaining Sith Troopers.

Submitted By: AuEvil

Thermal Detonation!

The fight with Saul Karath is very easy if you went into the Armory on the Command Deck of the Leviathon and picked up the Thermal Detonators. As soon as the fight starts, pause and have everyone in your party throw a Thermal Detonator at Karath, this will kill the people surrounding him, and knock him back, giving you time to run up close with a melee character from your party and hack him up. Or, if you have Force Wave, you can use this repetitively, keeping him from standing up for more than 2 seconds, thus winning the fight.

Submitted By: Chris Lines