Darth Bandon
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Multiple Solutions to Bandon's Demise

The strategy that I usually use is to save it right before I face him. Then use stims on my NPC's and my character as well as activate our shields and if you have them use force immunity tree and energy resistance tree.

Regular Strategy

Once you get to him and his Dark Jedi just go straight for Darth Bandon and take him out first because he will use Death Field on you and your NPCs a ton. So just head straight at him or if you have stasis field use that on him and his dark jedi then go and hack him down with your main attack(critical strike, flurry, power attack, etc.) Make sure you keep on pausing during the battle so you can keep on commanding your NPCs to use their main attack on Bandon so he will go down really fast. Also use heal a lot and make sure you keep force immunity up the whole battle. Once you have Darth Bandon down the Dark Jedi are way easy! Pretty much you just hack them down they aren't that strong at all Darth Bandon was the only one you had to worry about.

Force Strategy

If your a Consular and you have Force Wave or if you just have Force Wave this battle is simple! At the very start of the battle,make sure you have full force points, just hit them with Force Wave and keep hitting them with it consistently. You can win the battle just by using Force Wave the entire time. You don't even need your NPCs if you have enough Force Points to get you through the entire battle or at least until Darth Bandon is dead because the Dark Jedi are so easy, but if you do run out of Force Points just have you and your NPCs go attack the Dark Jedi and kill them with your lightsabers.

Grenade/Stasis Field Strategy

What you do right at the first like in my regular strategy is you use Stasis Field on them until they are stunned then you and your NPCs just sit their and bombard them with grenades. Usually Thermal Detonators, Frag Grenades, Sonic Grenades, Ion Grenades, etc. Just pretty much whatever kind of grenade you have that will inflict damage on them while they are stunned. I the Stasis Field wears off before you finish killing them with grenades just cast Stasis Field again until they get stunned and continue the bombardment until they are dead,this strategy is very easy if your a newbie and you don't know when Darth Bandon and his Dark Jedi will come and fight you. So if they catch you off-guard with low health then this will be very useful.

Submitted By: Avenger

Stay Focused

I found this tactic worked quite well on all bosses where you face them with other party members with you (exceptions being facing Uthar & Yuthura on Korriban and Darth Malak any time):

Have your Jedi with you (Jolee, Juhani or Bastila). At the start of the round, switch between characters and lock in your attacks in this order while always targeting Bandon (or whomever you are currently facing): Stasis Field, Thermaldetonator/Plasma Grenade, Power Strike, Attack.

If all goes according to plan (work twice for me so far), you will freeze all of the baddies in place, nuke 'em till they glow then shoot them in the dark and they'll never get a shot off!

Submitted By: Derek

Strong in the Force

By the time you face him you and your accompanying Jedi should be strong. Assuming you have the following powers, your main character should initially cast Master Speed while Bastila and Jolee simultaneously cast Force Wave and then Adv. Throw Lightsaber. At that point the two accompanying DJ are dead and old Darthie is just about toast. Your character then wades in with Master Flurry and that young feller is a goner. The first time I played it I killed him so fast I was surprised. And it was definitely cool to see the simultaneous Wave and Throw attacks from Bastila and Jolee. Very cool and effective.

Submitted By: imperialjunkie

The Absolute Coward Hit & Flee Strategy

I tried several times to beat Bandon and the 2 Dark Jedi who are guarding him, but always unsuccesfully.

My team was 2 Jedis for melee lightsaber combat and Carth for ranged weapon fire. This team is a loser. I think you need 3 melee fighters. I picked up 2 Jedis and Mission (double blade) and it was a little better, but still losing.

Then I changed tactic: there is plenty of space in the area for running and regaining force powers, so I concetrated my attack on one of the 2 escorting Dark Jedis and killed him, I ran away from the scene (archaeologic camp direction) and there I waited and rested. The remaining 2 bad guys do not follow you, and the fight is suspended. Your friends that may have "died" in the fight respawn beside you in the new location, cos the fight is over (for the moment). Then you get back, kill another one and run to the camp for resting. Finally, you get back to face Bandon, but now it's easier because he's not escorted anymore.

Maybe not a brilliant example of fairplay, but this is what they are teaching in the Sith Academy after all.....

Submitted By: PdlXIIAdm