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Naga Sadow's Tomb #2

First, don't plan on going toe-to-toe with them. Toss a poison grenade, get them to chase you, then flip the lever to open the doorway to the inner room with the special grenades. Run in -- and the twin terrors can't follow you! They are too big for the doorway.

Then just toss grenades, toss the saber, use force powers (if powerful enough) etc.

You can kill them both easily once you get through that doorway. ;-)

Submitted By: James A. Cooley

Naga Sadow's Tomb #1

My character was getting chewed in a straight-on confrontation (a scout/jedi sentinel character). I moved towards the center of the room and stayed behind the skeletal remains. The tarentateks didn't notice me at that point. So I proceeded to lay a gigantic minefield--flash mines work great for the stun effect. Then, standing in the rear of the room, I lob a grenade at one tarentatek. He goes running through the mines. If he gets stunned, lob a few more grenades. Repeat one more time to take out the other one. I had Naga's poison blade equipped and that seemed to help take them down a little quicker.

Submitted By: Jen Garon