Darth Bandon
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Bastila & The One

For the Dark Side/Guardian: have only Bastila and your character in the party. Have Bastila learn Burst of Speed. Have 2 sets of weapons for Bastila (she's rather weak after the conversion) - anti-people and anti-droid. Your character can do with your regular best equipment. Have on your character: Sith mask, mind-affecting implant and Electric Capacitance belt. Have Solo mode on. Always have Master Speed on your character and BoSpeed on Bastila. Use Force Jump to move your character to the farthest enemy, controlling Bastila to avoid enemies. On Deck 2, use your character to cast Insanity enough times to incapacitate all enemies, Bastila should use computer to disable turrets and generate armor. The computer room is a good enough choke point for killing enemies (do not go outside). Once the battle stops, you can equip your character's new armor. Activate speed again and run through the rest. You need to kill 3 Dark Jedi to open door to Star Forge's Star Map. 3 acolytes are quite weak, but resistant to FPs. They can even resist Plague. Don't waste your breath, just kill them. Take Bastila's robes off before proceeding to Malak :-)))

Submitted By: Pavel Kozyura