Taris Duel Arena
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Marl Tip

Wait until after you fight Brejik at the Swoop Race and use his belt, gloves, and melee shield. This really makes the fight easier.

Submitted By: James A. Cooley

Twitch, the Crazy Rodian

Twitch will get out Ranged Weapons or Melee Weapons depending on how far away you are. To defeat him, you need to incapcitate him by Weapon Stunning or by Adhesive Grenades. The Vulkar Shock Stick will do well for this. Once he can't move, you need to equip whatever will do the most possible damage and use Flurry or Rapid Shot to get it done quickly. Then, when the Stunning has lost effect, repeat this strategy. Just watch your HP constantly and have about 14-22 medpacs just in case. ;)

Submitted By: Denoelo

Bendak Starkiller Tips

Bendak has three Plasma Grenades, so as soon as the fight starts, run forward out of the grenade's blast range and do your first action (activate shield?) then or you'll take damage from the plasma granade if you try to use the first round to activate your shield. If you stop to throw a grenade back, you will inevitably take around 18hp of damage, so make sure you don't stop too long until all three grenades have been used. I usually run to approximately the center of the ring and then run side to side.

After the third grenade, make sure you have enough Advanced and regular medkits, as well as about 10 frag grenades. Stand about in the center of the "ring" and throw grenades at him, he'll probably only heal himself one time during the fight. Be sure to use the trick of pausing and going to your inventory screen to use a medkit. The fight usually lasts a fairly short time this way.

Submitted By: Rob Pilk

Duel Arena Quick Tips

1st: Always have a blaster equipped when beginning a duel. This will ensure that the opponent doesn't immediately close distance with their own melee weapon (save for Marl who is only melee).

Deadeye: Poison grenade or a couple of frag grenades should floor him.

Gerlon: Same as Deadeye, just make sure you have an energy shield activated.

Ice: I usually follow the same as above until she's about 75% down, then run at her and swipe her down with my vibroblade while she's still trying to nail me with her blaster.

Marl: Engage Marl *after* you've acquired Brejik's belt and armband. Have these equipped before you enter the fight. For lower level characters (especially those saving level-ups to gain more Jedi levels later) having the extra melee defense against Marl is a superb advantage. In the first few seconds of the fight, open up on him with a blaster if you have any levels in Rapid Shot, then quickly switch to your (hopefully fully upgraded) Prototype Vibroblade. Slash, kick and lunge. Run and heal if you see yourself getting low on life. You should be able to wipe out Marl *fairly* easily.

Twitch: Same idea as the first three duels, save that you have to multiply the number of grenades needed by about 3. Energy shield on, lob them bombs, you should be golden.

Bendak: This guy is *tough* but yet another blaster challenge. First activate the best energy shield you have (you should have found at least one Arkanian shield by now) and start off *running*. Bendak will toss genades at you. Keeping going back and forth along your side of the arena until he starts shooting. Stop, pause, load up 2 plasma/thermal detonators, have them tossed, then start running again. Don't stay in one spot too long. Heal as needed. Repeat. Keep up this pattern and you'll get him down.

Submitted By: Darth Lect

Running With Ranged

When in Taris at the Dueling Ring, you will run into a good opportunity to gain some experience and credits early in the game. I completed the challenges at level 5.

First, make sure you have a score of med packs and a few grenades are always useful. Second, equip long range items, (only use 1 blaster or rifle if you're not proficient in 2-handed yet, otherwise you would not be able to hit the broad side of a Tusken Raider). Third, have an energy shield ready just for a few extra hits, though if you do it right you won't need it.

Now all of the Duelists have melee weapon, so when the fight starts…run at them screaming! (be aware that Bendak Starkiller throws grenades at the beginning of combat, they're easy enough to dodge out of the way, just run around in circles until he runs out) Get into melee with them and take a few pot shots at close range. This should prompt the duelist to pull out a melee weapon and try to hack at you. Now quick…. Run away screaming! Lucky for you, you're faster then they are and you can keep out of their melee range (just don't get too far from them or they'll pull out there blaster again). Now that you're running around in circles screaming, start blasting them! When you're far enough from them, hit the attack icon and you'll swing around at take a few shots at them. Start moving again right away before your opponent gets within striking distance. Continue doing this until you opponent is dead. If it's done right you'll take minimal damage and it will only take a little longer then going head to head with them.

Submitted By: Mattaeus

One By One

How to start dueling - When you're in the cantina, in the upper city. Talk to the hut Ajuur. Tell him how you want to start dueling when he asks you.

Deadeye Duncan - He's extremely easy. Just attack him with your weapon of choice. He should be knocked out within 1 or 2 hits.

Gerlon 2-fingers - He'll attack you with a blaster. I suggest you throw grenades at him, until he get's K.Oed

Ice - Ice can be somewhat difficult, you may have to use a medpac here. Same strategy as with Gerlon. Throw frags at her, and maybe 1 poison grenade, until she get's K.Oed.

From here I suggest you go out, and do some other quests. Your next fight can be difficult, and you'll probably want some level ups.

Marl - This fight can be difficult, because you can't just lob a bunch of grenades, and win. Marl charges at you right away, so any grenades you toss are avoided. My personal way to win is to take adrenalin for strength, and alacrity. Then fight him with melee weapons. Then, if you get to half health or less, run away, and use an advanced medpac. If you really have to, change the gameplay to easy.

Twitch - Yes! Another blaster user, so this is an easy fight. Activate an energy shield to help stop blaster fire, and then lob grenades. If you have plasmas try not to use them, save them for Bendak. Should be over soon enough.

Submitted By: Ohgeeoknee

Medpacs and Shields

When fighting long ranged enemies in the dueling ring on Taris... pump up on medpacs and personal shields. Stand there and let them exhaust their grenades on your shields. Toss concussion grenades after your enemy has used all his "extras" until he is stunned. then close in quickly with your melee weapon. Become the champion in minutes!

Submitted By: James Hall

Ranged and Melee Battle Plans

When you are in the Taris duel ring facing a melee opponent and you are using a blaster, throw an adhesive grenade so they can't move, and then throw some frag grenades of just shoot them with a blaster (if you use one).

If you are facing a ranged opponent, then run forward and attack with a melee weapon. If the opponent throws a grenade, just keep running at them and the grenade will land behind you.

Submitted By: Ohgeeoknee