Easter Eggs
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Star Trek: Deep Space 9

The melody that T3-M4 pipes when you address him aboard the Ebon Hawk is the one sung by the little girl Chandra while playing a kind of hopscotch in the game Chula in which Sisko and his comrades were trapped as figures while Quark was forced to play in Season 1 Episode 9 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Submitted By: Bruce


While probably not an Easter Egg, per se, the appearance and subesquent loss of a jedi named Nemo triggered a quest that just had to be an intentional insider gag: You had to find Nemo.

Submitted By: James A. Cooley

Limp Biz Song Reference, or further back?

If you're interested, I noticed what I consider to be an easter egg in SW: KotOR...

When talking to Jolee, one of his later stories about his past deals with the time he spent on Kashyyyk. He states at one point that he "did it all for the wookies." Your character responds by saying "The wookies?" And he replies, "The wookies." This seems like an obvious reference to the Limp Bizkit song, Nookie.

Submitted By: Spectrum & Adalius

Voice Change #1

On an Xbox, with your primary controller plugged into the first port, plug a second controller into the fourth port. At any time, you can use the second controller to change the pitch of the voice acting.

Black Button: Lower pitch
White Button: High pitch

Submitted By: Ohgeeoknee

Voice Change #2

When you do the voice change trick, everytime you talk to someone their voice will either be high-pitched or low-pitched. To fix this, Press the B button on the 4th controller whenever you talk to somebody. This will fix the problem.

Submitted By: Darth Windu

Hidden Ending

Plug two controllers into your Xbox. Outside the doors to the final battle with Malak (don't open them!), push down both triggers and press the Y Button on both controllers at the same time. You'll need a third hand or a friend to pull this off.

Submitted By: Ohgeeoknee