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The Blaster Jedi #2

Regarding Force Speed, as of 1.03 at least (I have not played earlier versions), Knight and master speed do indeed grant extra shooting attacks. For example, when your character is wielding 2 blaster pistols, using Rapid Shot and has Master Speed on, a potential 5 hits per round can be achieved - the number of shots may look the same, but the shots are mostly cosmetic anyway - normally when a character fires off 1 shot, it looks like 3 shots but in truth only one can hit and the rest will hit the ground. Similarly, it may not really look like 5 shots, but you CAN actually hit 5 times in the above example (if your attack rolls succeed).

I have tried it out and there is no doubt of this- when fighting Juhani, my Soldier 8/Consular 1 could often get in 3 hits per round (regardless of the number of "shots" fired), while using Zaalbar's Bowcaster(a blaster rifle), rapid shot and Knight Speed. I mention this because the fight against Juhani is only your PC and her- there is only one foe, so there can be no question of confusing other characters' hits for your own. This radically changes things, because master speed makes a blaster-wielding jedi very lethal indeed. With a baragwin heavy repeater(fully upgraded), rapid shot and master speed, my jedi could mow down a charging rancor in a single round!

Here are more tips on using blaster jedi. When dealing with lightsaber-wielding foes, deflection is always a problem. The best solution is to incapacitate them with force powers, but that may be impossible or unproductive, when facing foes who can't be stunned or paralysed, have already thrown up a Force Immunity, or whose saves are too darn good (Malak just happens to fit all 3 categories). The solution? Put on a shield and let them come! Am I crazy? No, let me explain.

When an opponent is right in front of you, you get a +10 close proximity bonus to your attack roll. And since blaster deflection only occurs if your attack roll is 10 or less than the enemy's defence plus the blaster deflection value, the chances of your shot getting deflected are much less when your target is right in your face! Don't believe me? Try it against Malak. When he's a medium or long distance away, he'll deflect your shots pretty often. But when he's right in front of you unloading a can of whup-ass on you, your shots will get through much more often.

But up close, opponents wielding lightsabers or melee weapons will also get a bonus if you're using a ranged weapon. Here's where the shields come in. Lightsabers do energy damage... shields absorb that... get my drift?

With Yusanis' Shield (100 pts) or a Verpine Prototype Shield (70 pts) you will be able to last for quite a while against even Malak's lightsaber. And here's the beautiful part - he won't be able to deflect many or even any of your shots while he's so close to you!

Using the Baragwin Ion-X weapon, rapid shot, and no speed at all (this was before I realized that speed adds to ranged attacks too) I could kill Malak this way. What more with 2 extra shots a round? I have to paraphrase Han Solo here, "Ancient weapons and hokey religions are no match for a good blaster, or two, at your side kid."

Submitted By: Rhunzzz

The Super Hero

I finished the game several times and the most interesting character is still my first Super Hero.

There are 2 basic types I have played: Soldier[8]/Guardian[12] OR Scoundrel[2]/Guardian[18]

Initial attributes: 16-16-16-8-8-8. + 5 more strength while leveling.

With Dominator gauntlets Str +5 and a nice belt from the Jedi planet Str +2 I ended with Str 28 and AB +9. This is quite nice for a hasted jedi guardian killing everything with a single force jump.

Most useful Feats:

Two-weapon OR Duelling - leveling ASAP
Toughtness - ASAP
Lightsabre - ASAP
Conditioning - ASAP
Critical strike - for spare feats
Implant - for spare feats

Force Powers:

Speed - ASAP
Cure (never Heal) - ASAP
Force Armor - spare
Dominate Mind - spare
Force Suppression (never Breach) - spare
Force Storm - spare
Force Wave - spare

Light/Dark side? As you wish. Grey is OK too.

The more important question here is if you plan to use single or two sabres.

Single weapon: With "Master dueling" you got +3AB, +3Defence. This extra defence is great when surronded by many enemies. When using Master Speed you attacks per round are tripled which is quite nice combined with Force Jump. After my first jump the terentarek had his hitpoints halved :-)

Double weapons: With "Master Two Weapon" you get 0/-2 AB. Double fire power. 4 crystals instead of 2. With Master Speed the attacks per round are only doubled but AB is prety good anyway as they rarely miss.

How to kill bad guys:

There are only 2 Force Powers that you really need: Cure and Speed. All the rest are optional and depend on how you feel the game. The Feat you will probably use most is Critical Strike.

Your screen freeze as you see enemy. Don't panic. Click "Speed", Attack(normal for the jump) and Critical (twice?). Hit the "Space". Your hero will haste and jump to the enemy. 3 or 4 lines of damage (+4AB/+4damage) will be done in the first strike. IF the enemy is still alive (rare case) it will be hit by 3/4 lines of critical strikes next round. Master Uthar died on the second round but this was exception. Uthura was dead two rounds later :-)

My initial idea is to use the Sneak attack on a stunned by critical strike enemy. I was so wrong... Nothing live long enough after critical strike to make the difference ;-)

I really enjoyed playng my Super Hero. The only "disadvantage" is that you do not need the rest of your party most of the time. You may enjoy the company of Mission and T3-M4 for much longer time :-)

Submitted By: Mantis

Leveling Choices for Main Character

Main Character level suggestions:

For the person who wants to stop leveling their non-Jedi class at about 6-8, here is a strategy guide to help them pick the right level.

Soldier/Jedi Guardian

(6) Ending attack bonus: +20
Saves: 14 11 8 (fort ref will)
Force powers: 15
Feats: 13

(7) Ending attack bonus: +20
Saves: 13 10 8
Force powers: 14
Feats: 14

(8) Ending attack bonus: +20
Saves: 14 10 8
Force powers: 13

Since 6 results in fewer feats and 7 gives an extra force power over fortitude and +13 fortitude is enough, I reccomend 7.

Scout/Jedi Sentinel

"Feats" second number indicates feats given by class specials.

(6)Ending attack bonus: +14
Saves: 14 14 11
Force powers: 15
Feats: 12, 3

(7)Ending attack bonus: +14
Saves: 13 13 11
Force powers: 14
Feats: 13, 4

(8)Ending attack bonus: +15
Saves: 14 14 12
Force powers: 13
Feats: 13, 5

One force power versus +1 to all saves, +1 attack, and an extra feat (actual feat: implant 3)? I reccomend 8 over 7 and 6 this time.

Scoundrel/Jedi Consular

Second feat number is the sneak attack d6's added now.

(6)Ending attack bonus: +14
Saves: 11 11 11
Force powers: 17
Feats: 8, 3

(7)Ending attack bonus: +14
Saves: 10 11 10
Force powers: 16
Feats: 8, 4

(8)Ending attack bonus: +15
Saves: 10 12 10
Force Powers: 15
Feats: 9, 4

Really choice here. Feat-lover=8. Force power-lover=6. Don't pick 7, one or the other.

Submitted By: Dugaru

Just One Step Away From the "edge"

The following Counsular stats give you a top notch Force User, going over these stats will give you a lack of other attributes what makes it impossible for you to survive. The character is designed to keep Malak at bay and beat him with all sorts of powers then just throwing your lightsaber as a Counsular, because that just isn't the way you want to kill Malak. The final stats will give you supperior use of the Force and good attribute stats to keep yourself out of danger because you can't sustain so many beatings.

Begin Attributes as a Scoundrel:

STR 10 +0
DEX 14 +2
CON 08 -1 (It's my preference to keep CON as low as possible)
INT 10 +0 (Change this to 08 if you don't want CON to have a -1 mod)
WIS 16 +3
CHA 16 +3

You should go light side and go the 2/18 route through the game. You will get to spend 5 attributes throughout the game, use them on CHA and WIS. Make sure your WIS and CHA stats end up as irregular numbers. You'll have 9 feats to spend, use them on Defence, Lightsaber, Conditioning, you'll end up having three feats left, use them on whichever feats you prefer. Dueling gets my preference because of the extra attack and defence or maybe implant is a wise choice.

With the mastery points and the needed equipement you'll receive the following stats in the end:

Star Forge Robes: +2 all saves, +5 WIS
Circlet of Saresh: +5 WIS
Advanced Stabilizer Gloves: +3 DEX, +5 Blaster Bolt Deflection
Adrenaline Stimulator: +2 DEX, +4 all saves

STR 10 +0
DEX 19 +4
CON 08 -1
INT 10 +0
WIS 29 +9 (add 1, 3 or 5 points to keep it irregular)
CHA 21 +5 (add 4, 2 or 0 points to keep it irregular)

Now why to keep the WIS and CHA irregular... if you keep them irregular you'll achieve 6 extra DC when casting Master Force Valour. Since you're LS, this power won't cost a thing, compared to your FP)

STR 15 +0
DEX 24 +7
CON 13 +1
INT 15 +2
WIS 34 +12
CHA 26 +8

Final DC => 20 (PC Level) + 20 (WIS and CHA mod) + 5 (DC Standard of Force Power) + 4 (Master Force Focus) => 49!

The maximum DC to get is 50 but then you would have a insanely screwed up character. This is top notch.

Use Damind and Rubat on the Mantle of the Force to have a +5 regeneration, it works thanks to 1.02.

Handy powers are:
Force Valour LS
Force Heal LS
Throw Lightsaber
Force Wave
Plague DS
Master Speed
Force Immunity
Force Breach

If you run out of FP or something fails, don't forget the Dominator Gloves and CNS Strengt Enhancer combined with Master Speed. As last resort you might want to have Throw Lightsaber or Plague since it's standard DC is 100.

Submitted By: Gynn Rei

The Defending Jedi

The Idea: The Defending Jedi will run into battle and almost never get hit.

Starting Class: Scout (for Uncanny Dodge)
Jedi Class: Jedi Guardian

Stats: When you start the game give your Scout 18 dex (+5 modifier) the reason you want a dex this high is because you get +5 Defense with Uncanny Dodge.

Feats: You get Uncanny dodge a level 4 so don't worry about that. Master Dueling is helpful because it gives you a higher defense (+3). When you become a Jedi be sure to get Master Sense (+6 defense) and Jedi Defense because you can deflect blaster bolts. Master Conditioning helps too (+3 all saves). But don't buy feats like power attack until you have a really high defense.

Force: Anything that raises Defense (if not wearing armor).


Head: none
Gloves: Dominator gloves (to hit more)
Implant:Cyber reaction system
Belt: Brejiks belt
Arm Right: Brejiks arm band
Arm Left: Mandalorian Melee Shield
Armor: Enhani Fiber Armor (or Jedi Master Robes)
Right Hand: Lightsaber

Submitted By: Anders Rasmussen

The Perfect Melee Jedi

I personally think all Jedi's should use a lightsaber as often as possible, with one or two ranged fighters in the party (Carth, Canderous or HK-47, a personal favorite.)

To become the most useful Melee fighter basically comes down to physical performance attributes and Melee related feats. I was rather bummed to discover that your total Level rating can only reach 20 across both classes (serves me right for not reading the manual the first time,) so I found the level progression required to get the most amount of feats for a character.

Start with a Soldier class character (they get 1 feat for every level up to 16) work with that class up to level 13, then cross to a Jedi Guardian(4 feats by level 7) on Dantooine for a total 17 feats.

The most important Attributes for a Melee fighter is, of course Strength, Dexterity and Constitution. I personally favor Dexterity, your inflicted damage is lower but defense and to-hit modifiers make up for it. It also makes for a longer battle where you look like a god with a blade.

For skills I favored Awareness and Stealth (also a Dex. sensitive) but they don't much effect your combat scenes, so pick as preferred.

Feats: Starting with a Soldier gives you a number of free feats
Armor Proficiency: 1, 2 & 3
Weapon Proficiency 1 for Rifle, Heavy, and Melee,
Power attack: 1
Power blast: 1

As my levels progressed I concentrated on my melee skills, by level 13 I had maxed out:
Dueling, Melee Pro., & 2 wpn attack, with rating 2 for Power attack, blaster and Rifles (not a melee skill, so these can be used elsewhere.) Once I became a Jedi the four feat points awarded before I topped out went to Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber and Jedi Defense, both 1st levels plus a force Jump are freebies for becoming a Jedi.

Force Powers, I don't use them too much, mostly force Push and stun, occasionally force aura. But once again pick as preferred, some powers can greatly affect melee combat.

In the end I found this character to be nearly unbeatable in Melee combat, especially with some ranged support. A few blaster deflection mod. crystals also cut down on disadvantages as a melee fighter. Keep a few extra medpacs on hand and happily hack through all opposition, as a true jedi should.

Submitted By: CM

Light & Dark Side Masters

When you play very good or very evil you will eventually obtain either light- or dark-side mastery and a corresponding bonus, which isn't found in the manual.

These are the bonuses:

Light side mastery
Guardian: +3 STR
Sentinel: +3 CON
Consular: +3 CHA

Dark side mastery
Guardian: +1d8 damage
Sentinel: Poison Immunity
Consular: +50 to Force Points

Submitted By: Stilgar

Critical Specialist

This guide is for basing your character around dealing MASSIVE damage through criticals

Start with a level 2 scoundrel or soldier, whichever you prefer. A scoundrel gives you a nice +2 to defense, and starts with critical strike for free, and alot of skill points. at level 2, do not level up until you can become a guardian. guardian is an ideal choice because it allows you to take hits, which is needed for a tanking character.

for stats, i would recommend stats revolving around damage, so


put all attribute bonuses into STR or WIS, as force points are useful.

feat selection should be master level critical strike, the implants, toughness, two weapon fighting and then whatever you want, preferably any defensive feats

for skill, persuade, and treat wound are important, but wound can be healed by the force power

for force powers, i recommend master speed, and some kind of stun, either insanity/stun/force push. if going light, get heal and other light related feats. for dark, kill and lightning is ideal for before entering the fray.

get two lightsabers as soon as you can, and critical strike will work wonders.

the main power behind this choice, is to have both lightsabers have a nextor and opilia crystal in it. all this together gives a 12-20 critical rate, with a bonus 2d6 damage on each critical hit.

Submitted By: Travis Michael

Sith Witch

Here is my guide to create the perfect Sith Witch. The Sith Witch is going to rely on her ability to use the force to attack her targets. Rarely will she ever use her lightsaber in combat. The Sith Witch is going to be a Scoundrel (2) / Jedi Councilor (18). The idea behind this is to allow the character to become as powerful a Jedi as possible without getting unnecessary levels in a class that does not utilize the force. After you gain level two in Scoundrel you will not level up your character again until you become a Jedi Councilor on Dantooine. This will allow you to gain more force powers and more force points. The beginning is going to be very challenging, and if it is too hard for you in a certain area I recommend that you change the difficulty setting to easy. Here is how you create the perfect Sith Witch:

Gender: Female
Starting Class: Scoundrel
Jedi Class: Councilor

STR: 10
DEX: 16
CON: 10
INT: 12
WIS: 14
CHA: 14

You can gain a stat increase at levels: 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20.
Boost WIS at levels 4, 8, 12, and 16.
Boost STR at level 20.

You should start the game with 20 skill points. I recommend that you evenly distribute the skill points into Demolitions, Stealth, Awareness, Persuade, and Security. Every time you level up put as many skill points as you can into Persuade, then you can put any remaining skill points into Demolitions, Awareness, and/or Security.

You should be gaining feats at Levels: 1, 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, and 20 for both a Scoundrel and a Jedi Councilor. I recommend that you grab Dueling at first level, and second level you take Flurry. Try to master these feats after you become a Jedi Councilor. You should also take Weapon Focus Lightsaber, and Armor Proficiency Medium and Heavy.

Force Powers:
Here is a list of Force Powers that I recommend that you take:

Burst of Speed, Knight Speed, Master Speed
Affect Mind, Dominate Mind
Wound, Choke, Kill
Fear, Horror, Insanity
Shock, Force Lightning, Force Storm
Drain, Death Field
Force Resistance, Force Immunity
Force Suppression, Force Breach
Slow, Affliction, Plague

Weapon: Lightsaber I used a Saprith, Upari crystal combination
Body: Darth Revan's Robes
Head: Sith Mask
Hands: Dominator Gauntlets
L Arm: Yusanis' Dueling Shield
R Arm: Brejik's Arm Band
Belt: Adrenal Stimulator

Final Character Stats:
VP: 120
Force: 292
Defense: 32
To Hit: +28
Dammage: 11-32

STR: 20
DEX: 18
CON: 10
INT: 12
WIS: 18
CHA: 14

Fortitiude: 15
Reflex: 19
Will: 19

Tactics Used:
When on Taris I recommend that you equip your Sith Witch with a blaster and try to keep her out of combat. As a level 2 Scoundrel your Sith Witch will only have 12 VP. Equip Zaalbar with a melee weapon(s) and keep him on the front line. Try to make him a magnet for damage. Carth and/or Bastilla are also good companions to have. After you become a Jedi Councilor, you can now use all those levels that you saved up before. You should be about Scoundrel (2) / Councilor (4). At higher levels insanity can be very useful. Upon walking into a room full of enemies, you can cast insanity and every one of your enemies in the room would become paralyzed with fear. Then you can hit them with Force Lightning/Storm. Plague is also a very useful Force Power to have. It gives you a 100% chance of damaging an opponent's statistics. Very useful in your fight against Malak. Your Sith Witch will also have plenty of Force Points so I wouldn't worry too much about running out during a battle.

Closing Statements:
I beat the game three times, and I enjoyed every minute while playing as a Sith Witch. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at

Submitted By: Mark Evinger

The Blaster Wielding Jedi

A very commonly overlooked or unthought of idea in KOTOR is having a blaster type weapon on your jedi main character, or any jedi for that matter. This is because it is the norm for jedi to carry lightsabres into battle. Well, if you want a powerful jedi variant, that does not conform with the standard jedi, using blasters may be for you. It isn't a very difficult character type to build, and it is actually a very fun and challenging type to play. I highly would recommend this to anyone who has beaten the game, and is looking for some challenging way of playing through the game again. In this strategy guide, I will explain the basic ideas behind creating the Blaster Wielding Jedi.

Recommended starting class: Scout

It starts with the basic weapon proficiencies you will be needing, and progresses averagely with feats and skills. I also find the automatic implant feats gained extremely helpful. You don't really need to worry about your starting class too much...but this in my opinion is the best choice for blasters.

Recommended Jedi class: Sentinel

Average feat, skill, and force progression. The main choice for this class would be the immunity to fear and paralysis type force attacks. It also offers the average for hit dice and force points gained per level. I believe this is the ideal choice, because you will want to have a decent hp, but still have a large amount of force points available to you.

Recommended statistic placement:

Starting off, max out your dexterity, and put your constitution to 16. Based on how you wish to play for the rest of the game, just distribute the rest of your points into Charisma or Wisdom. The dexterity and constitution are important for the blaster wielding jedi because dexterity determines how much you hit with ranged weaponry, and raises your defense...while constitution adds bonuses to life gained per level, which is very important if those nasty jedi get into melee combat with you. As you advance in levels, continue to place points into dexterity until the bonus reaches +8...or if you plan on wearing dexterity boosting equipment make it to where your bonus shows +6, the equipment will do the rest.

Primary Force Powers:

This is fairly simple due to the fact that the main concern for the blaster jedi is the keeping your opponent at bay. The force push tree of force abilities make the blaster jedi very keeping your opponent at bay enables you more time to shoot at them giving you a huge advantage. Other abilities would depend on whether you were light or dark side. On light side, the stun tree of force abilities would be an ideal choice, where on the dark side the affliction tree would be desirable. These are the best choices because they stop your opponent, or slow their movement even if they save. This gives you more time to shoot them. DO NOT level up burst of speed past it's first level, it does not increase your amount of blaster shots.


Wear the best jedi robes you can find, they allow you to take advantage of your dexterity bonus while allowing you to use your force powers freely. For weapons, the best blasters are Cassus Fett's pistol, found on Korriban (make sure to fully upgrade it), and the Sith Assassin Pistol obtained from Saul on the Leviathan. For implant, the +4 dexterity bonus is probably your best choice. The rest of the equipment is basically a matter of preference.


Most important feats are the Rapid Shot tree, and the Toughness tree. Everything else is just a matter of preference.


Alright the basic idea is fairly simple: Shoot the opponent from far away and kill them before they get to you. It is pretty simple to do, when you consider the recommended force powers keep your opponent at large, and you get the first strike on them. Cyroban grenades are also nice because they keep your opponent in place for you, as well as the Concussion grenades. The Sith assassin pistol also have a 50% stun, giving you even more time to blast at your opponent. If all else fails, run with burst of speed on until you get a safe distance, and turn around to shoot your opponent. If you follow this idea, then you probably will never take damage from your opponents if you use energy shields.

Using this type of character, I managed to defeat Malak on the Highest difficulty without destroying any of the captured jedi. I hope you enjoy.

Submitted By: Zephyr