Lots of Items
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Duplicate Your Items

This is a correction to Ertani's "Airlock Credits" submission under the "Lots of Credits" strategy page. The way you pull off this cheat is as follows: Before you enter the airlock on (under) Manaan to go out to the sea floor equip your other party members with whatever items you would like to duplicate. (Next are the [critical] steps that were missed.) Now SAVE your game. Next, go into the equip menu and UN-equip from your two non-main characters everything. If you don't un-equip an item now, it won't be duplicated later. Exit the menu and have your stripped-down Jolee or Carth or whoever enter the airlock. Your two naked characters will be left behind. As soon as you're out in the water, turn right around and come back in. Your characters that you left behind will be waiting for you, but this time with all of the items respawned on them from the previous save--plus you still have an extra copy of each still in your inventory.

If you want, strip down your other two guys again, go out, come in, BOOM, triples now of each. Repeat as long as you like. (You shouldn't need to save again because your previous save with the items still equiped is the one your other characters respawn from. If you do save, however, make sure it's while the items are still equipped.) My favorite is to duplicate a bunch of Cassus Fett's Body Armour and then sell them to the Rodian's shop just outside the Republic base. It's SO much faster than Pazaak if you want a lot of credits.

Submitted By: Malak's Bane & jcgambit

Zaalbar's Bowcaster x2

I've been able to duplicate Zaalbar's bowcaster if he is equipped with any weapon other than his bowcaster when my party gets taken to Chuundar. After you complete Chuundar's quest, a duplicate appears in your inventory.

Submitted By: Peter Moore

Unlimited Eralam Crystals

As the first step, go to Korriban and complete enough of the planet to move Dak to the Cantina. Go to the cantina and kill him (and you cannot have Juhani with you for that). Then, if you do the full-on dark side method of clearing Korriban, that is, challenging both Yuthara and Uthar at the same time with the "I am the true Sith" dialogue choice in Naga Sadow's tomb, and then clear out the Sith Academy on your way back to Dreshdae, when you arrive at the Cantina, Dak will be in his corner again. You can kill him repeatedly, as long as you don't have Juhani in your party, and get all his normal xp and loot every time. I have only tested it with Korriban being my 4th of the 5 Star Maps, and entering and re-exiting the Dreshdae zone at the Sith Academy Entrance zone. (My party while clearing the academy was Jolee and Juhani, my party to kill Dak was Canderous and Jolee.)

Submitted By: MHS

Ask Your Companions

On the Ebon Hawk, talk to each member of your crew. You can ask each one to make you specific items or help you practice certain elements of the game:

Mission - Security Spike or Play Pazaak
Canderous - Arenal stimulants
HK-47 - Fighter simulation (shooting mini-game)
Jolee - Medpack
T3-M4 - Computer Spike
Zaalbar - Grenades
Bastila - Jedi visions

Submitted By: Ohgeeoknee