Upgrading Items
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Saber Upgrading #2

Use nextor + opila crystals in a single bladed lightsaber, in conjunction with a scoundrel with master critical strike, and you will finish off opponents very fast. Each hit will have an 80% chance to critical, due to the increased threat range from the feats and the nextor crystal, and the opila crystal will cause an extra 2d6 damage with each critical that you land on the enemy, also, if unaware or stunned already, the bonus damage from the scoundrel sneak attack will add to this damage, and of course the enemy will be stunned from the critical hit. If you start at range from the enemy, use Force Whirlwind, Stun or Master Speed to close to melee range undamaged, and increase the potential damage.

Similar tactics will work with range weapons, using sniper shot, (Zaalbar's Bowcaster has keen when hair trigger is added, giving a range of 17-20, and master critical increases the range to 5-20). However, scoundrel sneak attack only works at close range, so the extra damage may not apply until the enemy runs towards you. Still if you keep stunning them and doing good damage, they will probably drop before they reach melee range anyway!

Submitted By: GameMasterJeff

Saber Upgrading #1

Here are some effective crystal combinations for lightsabers that may benefit you throughout the game:


Crystals Used: Sigil, Upari

Upgrade(s): Damage +2-14, Attack +4

Benefits: This combination is good for straight up power against any force. It makes a double-bladed lightsaber an effective killing machine with feats such as power attack and flurry. This combination also serves as a powerful main-hand lightsaber for heavy damage.

Light Side

Crystals Used: Upari, Solari

Upgrade(s): Damage +4-11, +1-8 Physical Damage vs. Dark Side
Attack +6

Limitation: Can only be used by a Light Jedi

Benefits: All Light Side players should have this combination in one of their lightsabers. This is an effective Dark Jedi killing combination that becomes very useful throughout the Star Forge and against Darth Malak. It provides a nice attack bonus as well to ensure hits.

Droid Destroying

Crystals Used: Luxum, Firkrann

Upgrade(s): Damage +3-18 vs. droids
Attack +4

Benefits: These two crystals combined can make a lightsaber a highly effective weapon against any droid. Though I would not recommend this for a double-bladed lightsaber, as the bonuses do not affect every enemy, it does make a great off-hand lightsaber for dual lightsabers.

Critical Hit

Crystals Used: Nextor, Opila

Upgrade(s): Damage +3, Attack +1
Critical Threat Range x2
Massive Criticals +2-12dmg on critical hit

Benefits: This combination is a must have for all players who utilize the any Critical Strike feat. With Master Critical Strike (4x critical threat range) the chance for a critical hit is 50% (11-20 range, 10/20 chance) with a single-bladed lightsaber and 25% with a double-bladed lightsaber (16-20 range, 5/20 chance). This all comes with a hefty bonus to critical damage.


Crystals Used: Bondar, Jenruax

Upgrade(s): Damage +2
On Hit - Stun 25% for 6 seconds
Save - DC10 to negate stun
Blaster Deflection +5

Benefits: This combination makes an effective off-hand lightsaber, more for defense rather than power. It adds a nice bonus to blaster deflection and also adds a chance to stun an enemy. A weaker scoundrel/consular might make good use of this combination.

Guaranteed Damage

Crystals Used: Krayt Dragon Pearl, Sapith
Upgrade(s): Damage +5, Attack +5

Benefits: Unlike the wide bonus damage range of the Power combination, this crystal combination gives a guaranteed damage bonus to you lightsaber. The +5 attack bonus is also nice as well, providing an increased chance to hit.

Submitted By: Ohgeeoknee