Lots of Experience
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Hold On Just a Minute

If you talk to Kel Algwinn in the Sith Academy [on Korriban], and convince him to leave (not the Jedi option), but quickly talk to him again before he disappears, he will offer the same dialogue options. You can continuously convince him to leave the Academy, netting 300xp (but no LS Points) each time. If you choose the Jedi option, you can't talk to him before he runs off, so you only get the 350xp and (LS Points) once. (Works on at least PC ver. 1.03)

Submitted By: Atlantys

Enemies First, Hack Second

Kill enemies in the surrounding areas before activating security droids or blowing up things. You'll get experience anyways even if these actions don't kill anyone.

Submitted By: Michael Duncan

Sith Academy

In the Sith Academy on Korriban, Yuthura Ban will guide you in the ways of the Sith if you ask her. Asking her to explain the 'rules' from the Sith code gives tons of exp, but even after she has fully explained these rules, speak to her and ask again about any of them. You will get 150 exp each additional time you have her explain a rule, and there is no limit on the number of times you can request for her to explain them.

Submitted By: DexterHolland911

Droids & Computers

If you want the maximum amount of XP, here is how to get it. Obviously killing opponents gains you XP. So does hacking computers, and reparing droids.

Droid Repair: When you repair droids, a good rule of thumb is: the more repair parts you use, the more XP you will receive. This rule really applies to Soldiers, who lack the repair expertise essential for droid repairing. The real problem is no matter how good your character is, he's most likely no match for T3M4's repair abilities. If you repair a droid, the more parts you pump into it, the more XP you will get. But, your skills may be lacking, and you'll end up using a massive amount repair parts.

Solution: Don't fix any droid at all until you add T3M4 to your party roster. Level him up in all the abilities that naturally fit him (Repair & Computer). Then go around to all the broken droids throughout Taris, and fix them, using T3M4. He'll not only use considerably less parts than your character, but when you fix all apsects of the droid (optimize shields, patrol mode, targeting systems, etc.), you gain far more XP. There are some droids on Taris, that if you fix everything you can, you can gain over 500 XP on some of them.

Computer Hacking: Similar rules apply to computers, like droid repair. Don't touch a computer till T3M4 comes along. He'll use far less spikes, and gain all the XP from hacking. Also, instead over overloading power conduits and killing bad guys, you just hand to hand combat kill them, and then overload: You not only gain the XP for hand to hand combat of killing them, but then when you overload the conduit, you gain even more XP. So, on Taris I specialize in a "tough guy" squad, and go around killing everything. It really helps to put swords it that big wookie's hands, he's so strong, it just makes more sense to have him as a melee fighter.

Submitted By: [Q]

Monster Camps

Getting experience can be tiresome if you look in the wrong place. There are a few areas where you can give your characters a boost in expů.i.e. Hacking computers to eradicate your enemy, repairing droids to do your bidding, and side quests are all good ways to give you that little bit of experience you need to defeat your next opponent. But there are a few areas in the game where the monsters regenerate, giving you more experience faster then normal and are almost endless exp.

The first area can be found on Taris, when you head to the Undercity you will find that there is a nasty infestation of Rakghouls! Not to fear, though. After you're level 6, they're relatively easy to dispatch of. Near the North entrance to the sewers and to the west there are a group of 5 Rakghouls (there is also a similar group in the south east corner but I always had problems getting them to respawn). After you kill them, head into the sewers or beam your party back to your apartment. When you return, the group would have respawned and you can kill them all over again! The exp is slow and you don't get much more then 30 -50 a kill, but if you're looking for a way to get up in levels before you become a Jedi this is the only place.

Second place is on Dantooine. Once you start on the path to becoming a Jedi, you will be allowed to enter the plains area where you will meet the dreaded Kath Hounds! These guys are easy to kill and there are plenty of them to go around, (after you initially dispatch of them) 2 will spawn in each area every time you leave and come back. I set up camp in the Courtyard at the south-east entrance to Matale Grounds. (there are 2 near the zone line) Kill them and head to the Matale grounds, kill the 2 that are there (they are relatively close to the zone line), then head back again to the Courtyard. You can do this over and over again till your fingers fall off, but mind you they get lower in exp with every level and getting past 13th isn't worth the cramping.

Third place I found (and this is where I stopped camping for monsters) is on Tattooine. Not only a great place for experience but you make some credits too. Head to the Dune Sea and look for the Desert Wraids, they travel in groups of 4 and pack a punch at lower levels. Once you dispatch of them you can also collect Desert Wraid Plates that drop of them (they sell for 27 credits a piece) There are 3 spawn spot for the Desert Wraids; first one is in the southern corner near the entrance to the Sand People Territory, second is just east of the Sand Crawler by the crash site, and third is mid way between the Sand Crawler and the Tattooine entrance on the west side. They spawn counter clockwise and will respawn when you leave the area. Now all you have to do is click back to the Ebon Hawk, then back again, move to the next encounter and collect your experience as well as the Desert Wraid Plates. I started doing this when I was 11th (600exp a kill), if you do this at the same level, some tactics are useful. Having Stasis or Stasis Field as well as Force Wave or Force Whirlwind can come in handy, and heal or cure will save you time from reloading your game when you die. Save your med pack as well, you are healed to full when you beam back to the Ebon Hawk. I continued doing this till I was 19th (200exp a kill) level; it took just over 3 hours and collected 312 DW Plates (that's 8424 credits).

Submitted By: Mattaeus

Infinite? Experience

In the dueling room on Korriban, there's a computer that lets you fight prisoners. Once you get your computer skill to the level that allows you to use 0 spikes to Hack Into Security Cameras or Hack Into Sith Database Files, just select that choice a few times and when you exit the computer interface, you'll get a load of experience.

Submitted By: Ohgeeoknee