The Scoundrel
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Scoundrel Guide

As a scoundrel you're not too great fighter, but you have several distinct advantages working for you to offset that:

1. You have persuasion as a class skill - in addition to helping you in conversations it also helps you earn money (like higher bounties on Taris)

2. You have quite nice amount of skill points - even repair and computer use are not beyond your reach.

3. Scoundrel's Luck helps you get good results in almost every aspect of the game (even pazaak games as it seems you get natural 20 more often)

4. Immensely useful (if you travel alone) sneak attack (like taking terentatek down without ever being hit if you manage to sneak upon it, have bondar crystal in your lightsaber and critical strike feat)

So if you like jack-of-all-trades self-sufficient characters, scoundrel is definitely for you.

There are some prerequisites to be successful scoundrel, however. First of them is high dexterity. It boosts your defense, which is important since you have fewer vitality points than anyone else, and fewer feats as well (though for player character for normal gameplay with 8 levels initial class and then switch to jedi it is just one feat less than scout namely 5 instead of 6). I prefer to have 16 dex in the beginning as 18 is too expensive and 14 is too low.

Next to capitalize on your skill points (major strength of scoundrel class) I like to have high intelligence. As with dex I prefer int of 16 in the beginning of the game. It really makes you able to learn fast. Then comes charisma. It is an important stat for scoundrel as we plan on using persuasion. Modifiers to persuasion more often than not allow you to get that 400 of bounty... And money don't hurt, eh? For me 14 of cha is quite sufficient. It gives a nice +2 bonus.

The rest of stats points we pump into wisdom. For now it is not important, but then eventually you'll become a Padawan, and bonuses to Force Points will come in handy.

But what of strength and constitution you ask? Well... Scoundrels don't make good tanks. They are more like fighter planes: fast, agile and elusive. -2 to melee damage will be offset by str modifying gear found or bought later during the game. Until then - there are grenades, mines (don't underestimate the power of the Force... err... I mean the power of minefield) and your trusted (though not universally trusting) sidekicks.

This completed we put our newly acquired amount of skill points into all of our class skills - max amount (4 *5 = 20), and the rest according to personal preferences. I tend to use them for repair and computer use. With bonus from high int it makes sense.

Feats are a bit tricky. As a scoundrel you get two feats that capitalize on sneak attack: Sniper shot and critical strike. I found myself mastering critical strike later on in the game while my shooting wasn't used too much (with being jedi it was more fun to improve blaster deflection and let my opponents become their very own executioners). Anyway, while toughness seems enticing, I'd rather recommend going for implant (and maxing it later on) to use dex-improving implants. Weapon focus is not worth losing feat for it. Other nice choices are (in the order of my preference):
- two-weapon fighting
- improved critical strike
- flurry
- gear head (for better repair and computer use)
- empathy (improves already impressive persuasion skills)
and (as a last resort) toughness and conditioning.

Skill development:
In the course of leveling (up to 5th level is enough even for Bendak Starkiller duel) I tend to go with stealth/security, demolitions/awarness, computer use/repair and persuade (where stealth/demolitions denotes on odd levels stealth and on even demolitions). This makes a well-rounded character with high persuasion (Very nice, especially for light-side jedi).

Feats progression:
1. two-weapon fighting (2 lev)
2. implant level 2 (4 lev)
and if you plan to level normally on Taris (up to 8th level)
3. improved critical strike (8 lev)

Arming your character with prototype vibroblade/Mission's vibroblade and upgrading them as much as possible and using critical strike makes you quite a menace in combat even though your damage modifier is negative (you are quite hard to kill). I also suggest to purchase bonadan alloy heavy suit, which is quite decent light armor and though rather expensive I think worth it's price as it protects your skin (priceless while worn, and I have no information about it getting into the market once you shed it along with your body).

For tough fights remember about sound dampening stealth unit. Place mines, sneak behind your target and unload with two critical strikes, then run away through your minefield to where your sidekicks wait. IMPORTANT NOTICE: There shouldn't be line of sight to your party, else they'll run to help you and get harmed by mines' area effect or prevent foes from properly blowing themselves up.

For duels use stun grenades against blaster-equipped enemies (stun grenades do wonders as they let you make sneak attack) then run in, give them twice critical strike for what you're worth, run away before they regain senses and repeat until you win. To prevent them from going after you with blades start duel with blaster pistol equipped. Against blade-equipped opponents use single weapon (no to-hit negative adjustment) and move out of their range before they are able to hit you.

Remember about stealth (like creeping about and tampering with power couplings) persuasion and sneak attack. And most important remember to switch off solo mode right after you execute sneak attack... Streets of Taris are littered with remains of those scoundrels that forgot to do that in the heat of the moment...

Submitted By: Aspontus