Perfect Party #2
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Perfect Party #2

The perfect party would normally consist of 3 Jedi that are good at melee combat. Jedi are the strongest Warriors in the universe as it is. Also their powers are really cool!

I'd pick a Scout as my job class at the beginning of the game, rather then a Scoundrel or Soldier. A scout gains a settle amount of skill points throughout the game and his hit points and features aren't as low as a Scoundrels. Later you should choose a Jedi Consular for your main character. A Jedi Consular gets a high amount of Force points when he/she levels, which will make up for the levels you missed as a Scout. When creating your character don't put too many skill or attribute points into one category. It normally costs one point to raise the category one point. As you invest into one category it will begin to cost more of your character's points to raise that category you'd use to create your character, (I.e. it will cost two skill points to raise this skill one point), keep your stats low and equally distributed at the beginning. Later when you level it won't matter how you raise your stats.

Also as you level make sure you invest into the weapon of your choice. Personally I like using 2 lightsabers. They hold twice as many crystals as a double-bladed lightsaber, which will come in handy in giving your character extra lightsaber abilities. Just make sure you invest in mastering 2 Weapon Fighting and Dueling. Also there are weapon abilities. Such as Flurry or Power Shot, depending on whether your a melee or ranged fighter. Make sure you master these abilities too. They will come in handy.

Once you become an actual Jedi (Good or Evil) you should first invest into Affect Mind/Dominate Mind skills. This is the old Jedi Mind trick used so often to force people to agree with you. It gives you more dialog options throughout the game and will make the game a better experience. Then you should invest into Cure or Drain Life as your next skill. It doesn't matter if you master these skills, so long as your able to use them, you'll be saving a lot of time and money in buying medkits. The rest of the game you can learn the abilities that satisfy your own desires. However, if you choose a dark force ability, when your on the good side, it will cost extra Force Points to use those abilities and vice-versa.

Bastila Shan:
Bastila is a Jedi Sentinel, but a beginner Jedi such as yourself. She is the first Jedi to join your party. She also has relatively good stats all around and is just perfect for a NPC. I'd give her a double-blade lightsaber. Being she can't really invest in mastering 2 weapon fighting as well as your main character can. I like having her master Jedi abilities like Force Valor. So she can temporarily raise the stats of your whole party. Giving her Cure to heal the entire party is good too. Then Stasis Field and Force Push will slow down the enemy for you. Also use her to invest into skills like demolitions or repair, something that your main character wasn't able to invest in as well. However, you'll have to do without her Battle Meditation.

The catlike alien Jedi from the hood is a better warrior the Jedi I'd say. She's a Jedi Guardian and I'd give her a double-bladed lightsaber for the same reasons as Bastila. She has a low amount of force points throughout the game. So don't give her abilities like Force Valor or Resist Energy. Give her abilities that would damage the enemy or heal your party. However, what she lacks in Force Points she makes up for in having a high amount of hit points and stats. Which makes her the perfect candidate for the Burst of Speed technique the Jedi can learn. It raises her speed, defense and attacking ability for a small amount of time. Which makes her a NPC you can depend on.

Submitted By: Eric Staples