Lots of Dark Side Points
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Manaan & Wann

(Tested on PC version) After the star map quest you can come back any time to Roland Wann and bribe him continuously. Each time you will get more dark side points.

Submitted By: Israel Ducharme

Genoharadan Prisoner

On Manaan, if you have the first Genoharadan quest, accept the Secret Bounty hunter's assignment to kill the prisoner being held at the republic base. When you try to kill him make sure you don't have enough spikes to actually go through with it. Now all you have to do is stay logged in to the computer and keep clicking that "A" to try to assasinate him and you will continue to gain darkside points and when you are done, or bored, log out and voila. Instant Darkside.

Submitted By: J. Dolan & C-Rad

Threatening Roland Wann

Xbox version: On Manaan, after getting the starmap when you arrive back to the republic base, Roland Wann meets you at the submarine bay entrance. You can attempt to threaten him with revealing the republic involvement in the incident. You fail but get DS points for your effort. The thing is this:

You can keep threatening him. You keep failing, but you also keep getting more and more DS points.

Submitted By: Johan

Ebon Hawk Stowaway

Xbox version: After finding the stowaway on the Ebon hawk after landing on the first planet you land on after Dantooine, select the " Get out of here, whoever you are ! Right now ! " option.Talk to her before she leaves to catch her again. Choose the dialog option again. Repeat this as many as you want to increase your Dark alignment.

Submitted By: Anonymous

Matale Madness

Xbox version: This strategy takes place while on Dantooine (during the Sandral/Matale investigation). Talk to the droid in front of the Matale estate so that Mr. Matale and all his other droids come out. At the part where he'll say he will pay you 1000 credits to get his boy back you say that you want 2000. Mr. Matale will scold you and tell you something about that being too much and for that price he could buy an army of droids. Well after the conversation he will leave and you will get your Dark Side points.

Now, talk to the same droid that you did in the beginning so that Mr. Matale comes out, now talk out the whole conversation with him the same as before (*asking for the 2000 credits) until he leaves back into his estate. At this point the experience screen will pop up saying that you earned some more Dark Side points. You can repeat this process until your character's force meter is completely dark.

Submitted By: Tyson "Applebrown" McCann