General Combat
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Party Coordination

When in combat its a good idea to time your moves and the rest of your party's. It's obvious that one person shouldn't charge while another throws a grenade but if someone in your party does heal at the end of a stack you can get healed after the enemy has damaged you abit. Rotate this with the jedi members of your party and you can always stay pretty much at full health.

Submitted By: Gillian Oldham

Combat Tips

The first thing that I love is you get to select your weapons _at the beginning of combat_, which means you have a chance to look at your enemies, assess their weaknesses and numbers, and base what you're tossing at them on how they threaten you, not by making do with whatever you have on hand.

For any low level, ranged enemies, such as the czerka guards on kashyyk, melee weapons are the best to go with; I recommend having all your characters with at least basic flurry, as better melee weapons more than make up for the penalty, and you can do a massive amount of damage using a good lightsaber or upgraded vibroblade/sword, especially using flurry.

Against melee attackers, especially 'critters'(i.e. non-sentient beasties), two strategies work well. Either use ranged weapons, which is great with candarous or Carth, especially if you go the Ordo route and train Carth to use two blaster pistols at once, and keep the critter away with concentrated firepower, or go with a two jedi, one ranged combo, with the two jedi using either force whirlwind or stasis to freeze them and cutting them up, while the ranged character (I prefer Candarous) uses something rapid fire and nasty to distract the others, such as a repeating blaster, mandalorian blaster rifle, etc.

You can forget about using anything but jedi or Zaalbar against dark jedi, as they'll get made into mince-meat (trust me.. I can't count the number of times I've seen mission get slaughtered by dark jedi, and Carth and Candarous the same), and the only reason I include zallabar is he has high enough hit points and enough melee (if you went for that) to stand short duration jedi combat, but against anything better than an apprentice, he'll get his head handed to him.

You also have to gauge whether or not your enemy is alerted to you, and how fast they are. Fast enemies who are aware of you can run up before grenades can hit them, and you'll waste them. Mission is very good at stealth attacks, if you can sneak up behind someone and give her something that does a good chunk of damage, you can get one hit kills, but it's only good against one or two enemies.. she is a good assassin, but a lousy stand up fighter. Speedy enemies need speedy attackers and attacks, such as rapid fire weapons (i.e. rapid shot), or area effects.

I found a good combo for Zaalbar is using the legendary blade from Kashyyk, and the prototype vibrosword, with both fully upgraded. This makes him a blender in melee combat as long as his opponent isn't a jedi, once master dual weapon fighting is finished. If you prefer single weapon, use the legendary wookie blade; it's the nastiest non-lightsaber melee weapon in the game.

Submitted By: Calafin

Quicksave Fast Travel (PC only)

When you find yourself stuck in a hard combat situation or just think it's dull to run all the way to where you're going, then this little trick works most of the time. At least on PC version. If you run by holding both mouse buttons, then the character will most often run while you quicksave as well. So when the save screen disappears you will be a bit further to where you're going. It seems to me that this makes you move faster. In some places this doesn't work, but then it usually works if you double tap the quicksave button. I used this technique when running through area previously cleared and now boring, and to escape from the most difficult battles.

Submitted By: Objecto

Circle Your Opponents & More

For an easy win against any opponent, target them by pressing R. Then, start running around in circles. This can be very helpful if you only have a small amount of health remaining and need to heal yourself. It can also help in a Jedi battle, as the enemy will eventually put his or her lightsaber away, giving you an opportunity to attack. If you happen to find yourself dying frequently in a battle and you have plenty of advanced medpacs and other healing items, wait until the enemy takes off lots of your health. After doing so, quickly press Start and save the game. Load it again and your screen should be in the combat "pause" mode, with the enemy sighted message. Press Start again and go to your inventory. You can now use as many medpacs or life support packs as needed, as compared to the normal one per round. This trick is especially useful when approached by Dark Jedi and you are stuck.

Submitted By: Ohgeeoknee

Prepare Yourself

If you are in a safe area, you can instantly heal yourself before a major battle. Go to the Map screen in the pause menu and hit the X Button to instantly leap back to the Ebon Hawk. Your party members will be magically healed. You can then select the Map screen and hit X again to jump back to where you just were.

Submitted By: Ohgeeoknee

How to Effectively Win Battles

Efficient combat is not as hard as it seems, although people seem to make it to be a big deal and wonder how to defeat challenging opponents such as Calo Nord, Darth Bandon, and Malak. I will explain the easy way for characters to defeat any opponent with relative ease.

Before Combat (Mainly only for boss type battles):

Well this may seem like common sense, but a lot of people don't do this from all of the forum posts I have read on random sites. If you know your about to come to a big battle with an important character, there are many things you can do to prepare for the fight. Firstly, activate an energy shield of some sort. Secondly, use all forms of battle stimulants you carry, these will raise your statistics considerably giving you bonuses to attack, damage, defense, life and more. Lastly, activate any force powers that your character can use on him/herself. After doing all of this, its a good idea to save if its before a big battle.

The Start of Combat:

Well the first thing you should do is take advantage of the games pausing system. Pause the combat, and with your main character, overview all of the targets. From there it is easy to determine what to do. Select a target in the middle of the group of enemies you are facing, or aim for the strongest. Select a grenade and press the A button. Press the black button, and do this will all of your characters. Wow, before the real battle has actually started, by now probably most of the enemies forces have thinned, or the leader is relatively weak. You can repeat this process as desired, or as long as you wish to use grenades, it will be effective as long as the enemy does not advance on you. Now on to what you should do after grenades.


Yet again, use the pause feature. Overview your remaining targets, and choose the biggest threat out of them all. Depending on your characters feats or style of fighting, use your standard form of attacking on the strongest target of the group you are fighting. Press the black button to cycle through your characters doing the same. The reason you are eliminating the greatest threat before the minor ones, is because the minor ones probably wont be hitting you, and if they are its most likely for minimal damage. The head honcho of the group you are fighting is the one you want to worry about, as he can usually put a big hurting on any of your characters. ALWAYS make all of your characters target a single opponent until that opponent is dead. This way you have less things to deal with, and are taking less damage because of it. Targeting this way is essential to a good victory, and will save you a lot of money and time on healing.

Other Tips:

If all of the enemies are random weak underlings, take out any of them that use grenades first, aim for the ones that are in melee with you next, then finally take out the ones with blasters. ANOTHER important thing is to take advantage of any weakness your opponent may have. For droids, use ion grenades and weapons. They deal insane damage to droids and often dispatch them without much fuss. In situations where there are mass enemies, your solutions are grenades and mass area force powers (such as force wave). Energy shields are easily dealt with by using physical damaging weapons or grenades. If all else fails, running around in circles causes your opponent to sometimes stop moving for a moment, giving you time to use a valuable healing item, or energy shield. Be sure to que commands using the x button. This will make it easier to use feats such as flurry because you wont have to worry about rapidly pressing the a button. This is important if you don't feel like controlling your secondary characters much; just que some attacks for them to use and you don't have to think about them much.

Utilizing these concepts will ensure you victory in your battles to come.

Submitted By: Zephyr

Run If Need Be

One good strategy for winning most battles against opponents with melee weapons requires the move during battle switch set to on. If you find yourself losing a battle, run around. If you can out run your opponent and have a ranged weapon selected, take a pop shot or use a medpac every time you are far enough away that he (they) can't attack you before you start running again. This strategy works particularly well with Canderous Ordo because he can regenerate while you run circles around your enemies. If you have other party members still alive, and your enemy is chasing you, your party members may be able to take a few free shots against your opponent. I find this works best in open areas like the arena or dune sea, and very effective against sand people.

Submitted By: Brian Murphy

Lightsaber and Sneak Attack

The easiest way through any fight is with your lightsaber. If you begin as a scoundrel and get to level 7 before becoming a jedi, you will gain Sneak Attack 4. As a jedi, make sure to learn Master Speed, Stasis Field, and Destroy Droid. Any foe will fall to you easily simply by activating master speed, stunning them, and then letting your 3-4 attacks do possibly more than double damage due to your sneak attack skill (it adds tremendous levels of damage when you attack from behind a foe, or ANYWHERE against a stunned foe).

Submitted By: Anonymous