Dark Jedi
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Force Resistance or Immunity

A good bet on fighting dark jedi is to use force resistance/immunity. There will always be the same format: two dark jedi will run in with their lightsabers, and another will stay back as a force support man. They usually have a double-blade. The two in front are easy enough; throw a force breach attack at the one in the back--that'll make him come in and saber duel. Bash them with Critical Strike, Power attack, or Flurry. This should be an almost foolproof method.

Submitted By: Delduwath1212

Stun & Stasis Tip

I have found that Dark Jedi are succeptible to Stun or Stasis, and that if you have more than one Jedi in the party, spreading them out can immobilize the whole group. Also, keep an eye on how long the stasis has been effect and put another in your combat queue before the old one expires to keep them on ice.

Submitted By: E. Hohnbaum