Choosing Statistics
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Even More on Strength & Dex

A lightsaber uses either dexterity (DEX) or strength (STR) for the attack rolls, depending on witch one is higher. So the choice is yours; which do you prefer? More damage (STR) or a higher defense (DEX)? It doesn't really matter what you choose--both have their benefits--and both skills can easily be upgraded using items.

Submitted By: Stilgar

Dex & Strength Explained

The "Lightsabers Use Dexterity" info is not entirely accurate because the game manual + in-game explanation of what STR does is correct... the manual just fails to mention that DEX gives +1 to attack per the +1 mod when you reach those extra DEX skill pt thresholds.

I just played around with some DEX & STR increasing items with a few saved slots I had left over and found out that when you hit the next + modifier on the STR (in other words, just ignore the actual STR amount you have, just pay attention to the modifier + # next to it in your character info panel within the game) well then.. STR gives +2 to hit & +1 to min/max dmg per +1 str mod while DEX +1 modifier gives only +1 to hit and +0 to min/max dmg. So basically the usefulness of knowing this is that you could seriously max out your dex and completely ignore STR and you'll still be ok if not more powerful from the insane defense :)

Of course, try to start out with 14 str since it's the cheapest at char. creation.

Submitted By: Adam Graves

Lightsabers Use Dexterity

According to the character equipment screen and contrary to the game manual, Lightsaber attack rolls are affected by DEX, not STR. This means that any Jedi character should invest heavily in DEX for the AC and to-hit bonuses. Although damage will suffer, +2 damage is less significant against monsters with 200+ hp than +2 ac and to-hit with a 10-30 dmg weapon.

Submitted By: Jonathan Yang