Perfect Party #1
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Perfect Party #1

An ideal party, able to handle pretty much any situation, is comprised of either a mix of ranged/melee characters, or Jedi. I prefer a three Jedi party, because nothing can stop three Jedi at close range.

First off, you should go with a Scoundrel, and later a Jedi Consular,putting your points into Wisdom and Charisma primarily, with a few in Intelligence, Strength, and Constitution/Dexterity. I think the Consular makes a good main character, and he/she can stand up to Malak and most other enemies in the game quite well. The choice of light side/dark side alignment is yours to make, but a Light Consular works very well, and with high Wisdom and Charisma, his force powers are nearly irresistible. You will need to choose a weapon style and attack to use, and max these out as the game progresses, such as: Master Two-Weapon Fighting, Master Flurry, I suggest these, and a Double-Bladed Lightsaber, because aside from looking cool, with Flurry hitting 3 times a round and doing 10-40 damage per hit, you will be a decent close combat melee fighter, despite your lack of Hit Points.

Once you have become a Jedi, putting points into the Stun/Stasis/Stasis Field, and Force Push/Whirlwind/Wave skill trees is essential to the survival of your party, and you should fill these trees out first. After those are done, it is probably a good idea to put a point into Drain Life, even if you are Light Aligned. You can put the rest of the points into various skills, but Cure and Heal are very good near the end game, especially during the Solo areas.

Jolee Bindo:
On Kashyyyk you will get to add Jolee Bindo into your party, and i suggest going there first after Dantooine to do so. Aside from being the funniest NPC in the game, Jolee is a key addition to your Three Jedi Party, because he has a massive amount of Force Points, and he can substitute as a melee fighter if he has to. When allocating his points, you should once more fill up the Force Push skill tree, and then either the Stun, or Stun Droid skill tree. Also, it is necessary for Jolee to have Cure and Heal, so that when your party is being hit with grenades from all over the place, or just being chopped to bits, Jolee and your main character can let out a healing wave which is very effective.

Bastila is a good all-around character, and she is what you need to round out your Three Jedi Party. She performs well as a melee fighter, or standing behind a tank and healing your party, while using Force Wave to batter the enemies back. When deciding where to put her Powers, once more you must fill out the Force Push skill tree 1st, because even if the enemies save, they will be damaged and scattered, creating time for your party to take a breath and heal. After the Force Push tree is done, you will need to fill out the Cure/Heal tree again, creating the opportunity to have all three Jedi heal at once, virtually removing all wounds. Once this is done, it is up to you as to where to put her remaining points, as everything else is just icing on the cake.

Submitted By: Chris Lines