Lots of Credits
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Take Advantage of Companionship

You have four companions in your party who can make you stuff that you can sell (Jolee->Medpacks, Mission-> Security spikes, Droid->Computer spikes, Zaalbar->grenades) but they won't give you more if you have 11 or more already.

What you can do is dump every one of these items you in inventory into those boxes in your ship's cargo hold and then go and milk your party for more. When they don't give you anymore just go and dump everything they gave into those boxes and start all over again...

Submitted By: Alien_Jl

Cash in on Used Shields

Here's a little trick I use to get the best "bang for my buck" out of certain items...

The energy shields have a certain number of charges they are good for, most of which are good for 5/5 charges. Well, these shields are worth the same amount of credits whether they have all 5 charges, or just 1. So, a good strategy is to use the shields up until they are left with just1 charge, then sell them to a shop. The buyback price remains the same, so you'll get maximum use out of the shield, and will still make the most money from it.

This rule also applies to droid upgrades (Flame Throwers, Stun Rays, etc.). The really nice thing about these are they have 10 charges, so you can use them even more before pawning them in.

Submitted By: [Q]

Yavin Credits #2

The racing bonds you get from Motta the Hutt after winning the swoop races on Tatooine can be redeemed for a whopping 156 credits per bond at Suvam Tan at the Yavin space station. This means that if you win all of Motta's races (netting you 120 bonds) and then sell them at Suvam you get 18,720 credits, whereas if you sell them at a normal merchant (for 60 creds each) you get only 7200 credits.

Also, the pause-unpause method described by mixmasterj doesn't work for the pc version because you cannot pause during swoop races.

Submitted By: James Vinciullo

Yavin Credits

On each planet you visit, only sell enough surplus items to buy what is offered locally that you need on that visit. When you leave each planet, go to the Yavin space station (PC only) and Suvam Tan will pay you much more than you would get locally on each planet (this includes the racing bonds you get on Tatooine). If you do this after each planet, you will build yourself a big chunk of change. It is nice to arrive at a planet with a big bankroll to work with. By the time that I was ready to head for the Star Forge, I had gone through well over 100,000 credits, and bought all sorts of nice things.

If you go to Yavin and sell Mission's spikes, each spike can be sold for 132 credits, which is a vast improvement over the 55 credits you receive elsewhere.

Submitted By: Denjen & Chris Laing

Be Observant & Be Rich

A good piece of advice for either making credits or keeping credits. Watch who you sell to and who you buy from. The Desert Wraid Plates sell for 27 credits a piece on Tattooine but if you don't mind making a quick jump to Yavin they will net you 67 credits each. 312 plates at 67 credits each netted me 20904 credits versus a paltry 8424 if sold on Tattooine. Suvam Tan on Yavin also pays a whole lot more for just about everything, but then so will you if you buy anything from him. So if you are just starting KOTOR, horde everything that you can get until you can make a trip to the Yavin Space Station for a nice little pile of cash. I kept everything I laid hands on until then and walked away with over 40000 credits plus a few picked up items.

You can buy the same things at different prices so make a few hops in the Ebon Hawk and find out where the cheap stuff is! A credit saved is one less to have to steal!

Submitted By: Steve

Several Methods

Ways to make money in KotOR:

Stay Lean: You'll pick up a lot of equipment over the course of the game, and you won't need it all. Periodically sell off anything you don't need. If you've got a bunch of advanced medpacs, do you need the normal ones? Do you need those adrenal stims when you have hyper-adrenal versions? Do you use mines at all? Do you need three times as many lightsabers as Jedi? How many grenades do you really throw? And so on.

Search Everything: The game puts money in the strangest places, and anything you pick up can be sold, too, if necessary. Always be on the lookout for free stuff. Just don't touch things that may anger people that you don't want to anger...

Be Evil: It's a sad fact that those that lean towards the dark side will have more money, because they'll be the ones extorting cash rather than giving it away. If you strive to be good, don't get too attached to your credits.

Persuade: Persuade is one of the best skills for those that want lots of money. Being able to barter down prices and wheedle extra reward money quickly adds up.

Affect/Dominate Mind: For those with low Persuade skills, the Force provides an alternative. This isn't as universally useful as Persuade, however.

Companions: Some party members will give you stuff for free on the Ebon Hawk, which you can sell. There's a catch, however: they won't give you anything if you have 11 or more of similar items. So, while Jolee can give you Life Support Packs, he won't give you any if you have 11 or more of any type of medpac. For T3-M4 (computer spikes), Jolee (medpacs), and Canderous (stims -- he only gives adrenals, not hyper-adrenals), you'll likely not want to get rid of what you have to get the free stuff.

There's two ways to make money still without cleaning your inventory of utility items, however. Zaalbar will give you adhesive, concussion, or ion grenades, and only checks for those types rather than the total grenade count, so if you get rid of all those types of grenades, you can get modest amounts of cash selling off the ones Zaalbar gives you.

Even better, however, is Mission, who gives you security spike tunnelers. Seeing as how you rarely need them (in fact, I don't think I've ever used one), you can keep milking Mission for 11 of them once you sell the normal and tunneler spikes you have, and each tunneler nets a healthy 50 credits, for 550 cred in total each time you make a "spike run". The docking merchant on Tatooine has a whole lotta tunnelers now...

Pazaak: Those that pick up their own Pazaak decks and persist in improving their cards will find that the money gets much better outside of Taris. While the players on Taris only play for 40-credit wagers, the players on other planets can be much more liberal with their wagers once you beat them enough times.

To make your life easier, reserve the first or last save for Pazaak games, save before each game and after each win, and bet the maximum each time. Don't keep playing after you lose; you'll need to win twice just to make a profit. Reload your last winning game instead. Also, note that the non-monetary awards for Pazaak are bugged. You won't receive any items, and Kudos on Tatooine in particular will affect your active quests, so avoid playing him a lot until after you're done with your other business on Tatooine.

Swoop Racing: You can make decent amounts of money here, too. Do the same thing as in Pazaak, reserve a save game. Save before you practice a course, practice as much as you need to, then reload and run the course like you've been racing it for years. ;)

Submitted By: Sherwin Tam

Economize and Monster Camps

There are no easy ways to get lots of credits in a small amount of time, but if you work at it and have the time you can get all those kewl items you see in the stores but were afraid to buy. You can start by economizing you characters. Keep what you need and sell the rest; you'd be amazed at what you pick up that you don't really need. Having your Persuade at a decent level or having Dominate Mind is also a good way of getting a few hundred credits out of an otherwise uncooperative NPC. Okay so there are the basics, save your money and cheat people to gain the higher hand in the all consuming credit wars!

Now for the work! The only place that I found you can make decent credits is on Tattooine in the Dune Sea (other then competing quests, killing major NPC's or Swoop Racing). After you clear this area out you would have fought Desert Wraids, they of course drop Desert Wraid Plates which sell for 27 credits a piece, and there are 4 Desert Wraids in a group. There are 3 spawn spot for the Desert Wraids; first one is in the southern corner near the entrance to the Sand People Territory, second is just east of the Sand Crawler by the crash site, and third is mid way between the Sand Crawler and the Tattooine entrance on the west side. They spawn counter clockwise and will respawn when you leave the area. Now all you have to do is click back to the Ebon Hawk, then back again, move to the next encounter and collect your prize! It may not seen like much at first but at 108 credits a pop they add up fast, and it's the only place I found where the monsters drop anything of cash value.

Submitted By: Mattaeus

Airlock Credits #1

This is possibly the best glitch/cheat in the game. When on Manaan, equip your other two party members with expensive items. Have them go through one of the airlocks down on the Sea Floor. They will 'respawn' with the same items equipped.

This duplication item feat can be used on expensive items (like lightsabers) to get you tons of money. Or, you can duplicate crystals and such for extra power items.

Submitted By: Ertani

Airlock Credits #2

To clarify what Ertani has said (from my experiences with the XBOX version)

Only the main character can pass through the airlock. When you return to the rest of the party, they will be respawned with the same equipment they had when the game was last saved.

You can duplicate items by equipping them to your other party members and then saving the game. The unequip the items and proceed through the airlock. Immeadiately turn around and return to your party, and you will find them equiped with shiny new copies of the items.

Warning: this bug works both ways, so save the game immediately before going through the airlock (when doing the star-map mission for Manaan) to avoid losing any cool items.

Submitted By: Paul P.

Airlock Credits #3

This is a correction to Ertani's "Airlock Credits" submission. The way you pull off this cheat is as follows: Before you enter the airlock on (under) Manaan to go out to the sea floor equip your other party members with whatever items you would like to duplicate. (Next are the [critical] steps that were missed.) Now SAVE your game. Next, go into the equip menu and UN-equip from your two non-main characters everything. If you don't un-equip an item now, it won't be duplicated later. Exit the menu and have your stripped-down Jolee or Carth or whoever enter the airlock. Your two naked characters will be left behind. As soon as you're out in the water, turn right around and come back in. Your characters that you left behind will be waiting for you, but this time with all of the items respawned on them from the previous save--plus you still have an extra copy of each still in your inventory.

If you want, strip down your other two guys again, go out, come in, BOOM, triples now of each. Repeat as long as you like. (You shouldn't need to save again because your previous save with the items still equiped is the one your other characters respawn from. If you do save, however, make sure it's while the items are still equipped.) My favorite is to duplicate a bunch of Cassus Fett's Body Armour and then sell them to the Rodian's shop just outside the Republic base. It's SO much faster than Pazaak if you want a lot of credits.

Submitted By: Malak's Bane