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Although you've beaten Fable III, and the Crawler has been defeated, you've still got a lot left over to do in Albion. Once the story is completed, the following new quests will open: In addition to these quests, you'll be granted some new quests based upon your decisions during your rule of Albion.
    Whorezone (if you turned the Bowerstone Orphanage into a brothel)
    Recruit Worker (repeatable, multiple versions in different locations)
You'll also be able to replay the following quests: If you downloaded the Traitor's Keep DLC, at this point you'll be able to continue your story in Albion by beginning the quest Traitor's Keep: Throne of Blood in Bowerstone Castle.

Finally, you'll be able to access some new dungeons and new areas in existing dungeons, making it possible to collect the last of the Rare Books, Silver Keys and Gold Keys. In particular, you'll need to complete Hobnobbing with Hobbes to find the last two Silver Keys and the final Rare Book in Millfields (Dankwater Cavern), and complete The Key to a Greater Key quest to open the dungeon containing the final Gold Key.

But... let me guess... you want something more?

East Hare Egg

The ultimate secret in Fable III can actually be attained as soon as you reach Millfields, but its status as the easter egg earned it a spot here. Simply put, the East Hare Egg is a... well, an easter egg that you can collect by solving a rather tricky riddle.

In Millfields, you'll likely notice a trio of statues holding spyglasses, and each one of them labeled as a Coen brother. Furthermore, you'll find three graves in the Millfields cemetary, listing:
    •Walter Coen, who was stabbed in broad daylight
    •Jeffrey Coen, who was burned at sunrise
    •Theodore Coen, who was shot in the dead of night
Coming together, isn't it? What you'll need to do is find each of the statues (the order doesn't seem to matter), wait until the appropriate time of day, and either stab (with a sword), burn (with your Fireball spell), or shoot (any gun will do) the correct statues. You'll know you've done it correctly when the statue flashes briefly, and you'll hear a loud grunt or scream as if you'd killed someone.

When you've done this for all three statues, a large egg will appear in the gazebo in the middle of the lake. Swim or walk your way there, and the most treasured, most secret of secrets in Fable III, the East Hare Egg, will be yours! What does it do? Why... well, nothing at all, really.

But that's not all! If you'd thought you'd seen every last secret the game has to offer, you're wrong. Provided you've got the Traitor's Keep DLC, you'll be able to not only collect another East Hare Egg, but actually do something with both of them! See our Traitor's Keep Extras page to find out how...

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