The New World
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This is a short quest that only becomes available once you've completed the main storyline. You'll find a woman named Malusa down by the docks in the City of Aurora, who asks you for 8,000 gold to mount an expedition in search of new lands she is convinced are out there. Give her the gold and you'll instantly be given 5 Guild Seals.

However, the quest isn't over at this point. Wait a few days, then travel your way to Millfields, and search behind the two large islands. You'll find a crashed ship, and a series of letters detailing the trials and tribulations during its voyage. The ship, of course, is the one Malusa bought with your gold, and she ended up steering it across the sea, eventually running it aground. Well, she discovered Albion... I guess you can't fault her ambition.

Grab the gold from the treasure chests scattered about for your reward, 20,000 total, and check one of the rocks for an Evil Gnome if you haven't already found him. At least it was a profitable voyage in the end.

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