Sunset House
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This side-quest does not appear in the quest log or on the map by default, but it can be completed as soon as you've gained access to the Sunset House area. To get there, visit Mourningwood, travel past the Mourningwood Fort, take the left path out of the cemetery towards the trenches, and then take the leftmost path through a large iron gate. Even if you're not interested in this quest, Sunset House is a good place to visit due to the number of collectables it contains, including a Demon Door and Gold Door.

Upon entering the area, you'll notice that there is a tall hill bordered by forest and an ornate gate, yet the house at the top is in ruins. At night, however, a ghostly version of the house materializes in the moonlight, though it can't be interacted with in any way. What to do?

There is a small gazebo on the left side of the path going up the hill, with four human statues. At night, these statues glow in the moonlight and are interactive, and you can change their poses between several different emotions (angry, laughing, sad, etc.). You'll notice, however, that at daytime, the statues can't be interacted with. The trick is to make a note of what position the statues are in during the daytime, and then to return at night to change the ghostly versions of the statues to fit the poses they display during the day. Note that the position the statues take appears to be random, so you'll need to record their poses yourself and then adjust them accordingly.

Once this is done, you'll see a flash and the Sunset House itself will be restored. Ascend the hill and enter the Sunset House to begin the quest proper. There's the skeleton of the house's former owner hanging in the foyer, along with his suicide note, which upon reading, will cause the door nearby to open. Climb the stairs and you'll see a bed, along with a lot of unnervingly large toys, all on fire. Creepy. What to do? Sleep in the bed, of course! Remember, if you ever find yourself in this sort of situation, the right thing is always the stupid thing!

Upon sleeping, you'll be teleported to an alternate area, its main feature being a chess board. There is a chest in the middle of it, Chesty. Upon speaking to it, you'll be challenged to a game of chess, implied to be rather lethal. It doesn't really matter if you play well or not, though, as after several turns, Chesty will get bored and order the pieces to attack you instead. They're your standard collection of enemies and you shouldn't have much trouble. There are four waves to the attack, all progressively stronger, but the enemies use their usual tactics and might even be a little bit weaker than the regular versions you're used to.

Once that's done, speak to Chesty, and you'll gain 20 Guild Seals, the Knight Jumps Chesty achievement, and the ability to reuse the chess board in co-op to battle a friend. You'll also receive ownership over the Sunset House, which means you can sleep there, but while you can sell it for 18,000 gold, you won't be able to rent it out to anyone.

But wait, there's more! The Sunset House quest, despite being officially completed, is not quite done yet. Leave the bedroom and you'll find the right-hand door is now open. Walk down the hall to the dining room, and you'll find a mirror image of the Sunset House in pristine, non-destroyed condition. To enter, you'll need to solve a puzzle. There's a floating skull on the mirrored side, one that mimics your movements, and four sockets in the walls. The goal is to move the skull into the lit sockets, by moving on the ruined side to where the socket is on the mirrored side. The order, facing the mirror, is back-right, back-left, middle-left. Once this is done, you can approach the mirror and "vault" through it to the other side of the house. Make your way to the bedroom, and you'll find a chest with some minor clothing or accessory, and you can also loot the rest of the containers for minor trinkets.

But that's not all! If you shoot the green crystal balls on either side, the remaining doors will open as well! On the ruined side of the House, this gives some minor loot, but on the restored/finished side, the chest contains a random Legendary Weapon. And so comes to an end one of the more interesting and rewarding quests in Fable III; cherish its memory.

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