Set Tax Policy
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Once you're ruler of Albion, much of the remaining game will be spent deciding the fate of the kingdom via royal edicts. The first of these is deciding the tax policy for the upcoming year. Before getting into it, Hobson will show you to the Royal Treasury, and then explain how popular edicts to improve quality of life will improve your moral standing and your reputation in the eyes of the people, but drain the Treasury further, while rejecting these proposals or enacting harmful ones will typically improve the Treasury's balance, but give you bad karma and will lower your appeal to the populace.

A few quick notes on being King or Queen. First, you'll receive gifts from citizens and generally be able to act without fear of legal repercussion, though you will still lose reputation for breaking the law. Second, the decisions you make on the throne will have lasting effects on the game world and may or may not alienate the allies you worked to gain the favour of, though the gameplay effect of the latter is small. Finally, ruling a kingdom is expensive. You'll need to get started on making money if you want to keep the Treasury full, so see our Gameplay Tips page for hints on how to become a rich man or woman. You'll be given a three-way decision when it comes to setting the taxes:
  1. The first option is to lower the tax rate, which will drain finances from the Treasury but make the people happy and leave the poor with the money to afford food, plus granting you some good points.
  2. The second option is to remain neutral and keep taxes as they are. No money is lost or gained, and your morality remains untouched.
  3. The third option is to raise taxes even further, giving you some evil points and adding 200,000 gold to the Treasury.
Depending on what you choose, you may notice greater or lesser incidence of poverty, especially in Bowerstone, or things may simply remain the same. You'll then continue on and immediately be called upon to decide what happens to Reaver's old factory in Bowerstone.

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