Commission the Army
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This is a brief quest that occurs after ruling on Mistpeak's fate, and merely involves signing a document stating you are aware of the projected casualties of the Crawler's invasion. Once you confirm this to Hobson (this is the last time you can add or remove funds from the Treasury), the game will automatically advance to the day of the invasion, and you'll begin the final main story quest, Do the Ends Justify the Means?

Warning: Signing you acknowledge the projected casualties will initiate the endgame, and is the point of no return. If you do not have enough money in the Treasury to mount Albion's defense effectively, then you will want to avoid doing this quest until you've made the money, or you will receive a less-than-ideal ending (of course, if you want that...). For help in raising money, check our Gameplay Tips page. If you have anything else you wish to attend to before the end, be they side-quests or family members, do it now. You were warned!

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