Set Alcohol Policy
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Your first decision with 252 days to go, Hobson will ask you to rule on the status of alcohol in Albion. Currently, there is a drinking limit as set by Logan to help control the market, but you can choose to make a change if you like.

The choices are:
    1. Remove the limit on alcohol purchasing, leading to some positive karma, a 100,000 gold loss, and drunk citizens throughout Albion (seriously, you'll see drunks everywhere if you choose this).
    2. Keep the policy as it is, for no morality change, no Treasury change, and no changes to the citizens of Albion.
    3. Outlaw alcohol entirely, for some evil points and 100,000 gold to throw in the Treasury, provided by some interested parties. The citizens of Albion will, of course, hate you for this ruling.
This is probably one of the more contrived decisions in the game - why removing the drink limit would cost money is anyone's guess, as you'd think enforcement would cost. Oh, well. Whatever you choose, its effect is largely minimal in the grand scheme.

After making your choice, you'll be asked to visit the Throne Room to rule on the fate of Brightwall Academy.

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