Recruit Worker
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Much like the Escaped Criminal quests appearing earlier in the game, the Recruit Worker quests are the repeatable "bad" version of the same quest; however, they're only available once you've finished the main story. You'll find quests of this nature under different names in the following locations:
  • "Back to the Salt Mines" (City of Aurora)
  • "Factory 'Volunteers'" (Bowerstone Industrial)
  • "Miners Required" (Millfields)
  • "Lumberjacks Wanted!" (Mistpeak Valley)
Note that you will only receive the Aurora, Millfields and Mistpeak quests if you chose to industrialize them during your rule.

To complete these quests, which involve more or less selling someone into slavery, you'll need to grab someone by the hand and drag him or her back to the quest giver - who it is doesn't actually matter. When you've found a suitable volunteer and brought him or her back, you'll be rewarded with some gold and evil karma dependent on the class of the citizen (i.e. nobles net more gold than beggars).

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