Gnomes Are Evil!
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After bringing life to Brian's gnomes, it seems that there have been some unintended consequences. Turns out that the gnomes have turned evil, insulting everyone they meet, and have escaped from their garden. Brian says that Lionel is still in his house, and sends you off to bring him back. Follow the glowing trail up the path to Brian's house and enter through the front door. You'll see Lionel the gnome high up on one of the walls. How to get him down? Equip your choice of firearm, aim down the sight, and shoot! The gnome will vanish, so you'll be prompted to return to Brian - be sure to grab the chest inside his house on your way out.

Lionel, surprisingly, is back in his place in the garden, though still maintains his evil disposition. Brian tasks you with collecting all his remaining gnomes, which you'll have to collect in a manner similar to you did with the first. Note that you'll need to wait for the argument between Brian and Lionel to finish up before the objective will update.

Thus begins Fable III's longest and perhaps most annoying quest. The gnomes are scattered all over Albion, and while they can be somewhat tricky to find, especially since they reappear in areas you may have previously visited, they're easy to spot once you come across them due to the loud, distinctive insults they'll throw your way (which change based on your morality and appearance). To make things a bit easier, the map screen lists all the gnomes you've collected versus the total in every area, so you won't have to search completely aimlessly.

In order to find all of the gnomes, please refer to our Evil Gnomes guide. It's not recommended to pursue all the gnomes before completing the game and most of the side-quests, since some of them are hidden in areas which are inaccessible until those side-quests and the main story are completed.

Once you've rounded every last gnome up, return to Brian and he'll have a note from the company he got the gargoyle head from, detailing how to solve the problem. He'll speak another incantation (the... exact same one he used to activate the gnomes), but the gargoyle will come alive this time. Shoot it quickly and you'll smash its face apart, interrupting the spell and leaving the gnomes devoid of life once more. Brian will be terribly upset, but quickly recovers and thanks you for your help.

The rewards for completing this quest are quite substantial, and Brian will hand out some of them if you visit him after collecting some of the gnomes (though you will receive all remaining rewards you may have missed upon completing it). The rewards are as follows:
    • 10 Gnomes: Harlequin Makeup • 20 Gnomes: Shining Armour (furniture) • 30 Gnomes: Random rare gem • 40 Gnomes: Random Dog Training book • 50 Gnomes: 40 Guild Seals, Gnomewrecker unique pistol, and the Gnome Invasion achievement

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